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contents Meaning of e-commerce Types of e-commerce Features of e-commerce working of e-commerce Advantages of e-commerce Disadvantages of e-commerce Elements of e-commerce E-commerce vs traditional commerce Opportunities of e-commerce in india Problems of e-commerce in india Future of e-commerce in india

Meaning of e-commerce:

Meaning of e-commerce E-commerce is the process of doing business online. E-commerce is to conduct business by using the information technology i.e. computer technologies and the electronic communications. In other words, it is the buying and selling of items or goods and services on the web.

Types of e-commerce:

Types of e-commerce Business to Business Business to Customer Consumer to Consumer Government to Government Government to Citizen Government to Employee

Features of e-commerce:

Features of e-commerce Process of doing business Vast amount of business 24 hours service Source of advertisement Direct relationship Important information about consumer needs Expand the business Quick service

Working of e-commerce:

Working of e-commerce


advantages Advantages to organisations Expand the business Reduces the time Source of advertisement Reduction in cost Lowers telecommunication cost


ADVANTAGES TO CUSTOMERS Many choices 24 hours service Get things at home On-line payment Quick service

Advantages to society:

Advantages to society Helpful to public services Products and services in rural areas Save time Helpful for every category


disadvantages Competition among sellers Insecurity for customers costly Change in technology Lack of faith

Elements of e-commerce:

Elements of e-commerce A product A website to show the product Product must be efficient A way which attract people to open your site A way which accepts on-line forms Facility of transportation

E-commerce vs traditional commerce:

E-commerce vs traditional commerce Meaning Middleman 24 hours service Quick service Saves time Growth of business Paper work Number of customers

Opportunities of e-commerce in india:

Opportunities of e-commerce in india Creation of new jobs Opportunities for opening own business New avenues in the educational fields Speeding up globalization

Problems of e-commerce in india:

Problems of e-commerce in india Lack of efficient personnel Need huge initial investment Security threats

Future of e-commerce in india:

Future of e-commerce in india Employment opportunities Communication and physical structure Language skills Government’s efforts

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