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Tuberculosis Public Service Announcement


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Tuberculosis The problem, risk, and prevention as applied to USF students Group 17: Allyce Spaulding Allyson Sison Ariana Segal Erin Sheire Katherina Schettini Mandy Spielvogel Miranda Scott Priya Shah Qua’Nise Smith Roddrick Siplin



Problem Florida closes only TB hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years Patients too sick for contact with public released into the community TB easily spreadable across Florida can reach many communities We are in much higher risk for contracting TB

About Tuberculosis:

About Tuberculosis Affects the lungs and can affect other parts of the body Spread when those with active TB cough, sing, sneeze, or spit Symptoms Chronic cough Bloody sputum Fever Night sweats Weight loss People at higher risk for TB Elderly Infants People with weakened immune systems AIDS Chemotherapy Diabetes Certain medications

USF Responds to TB Cases:

USF Responds to TB Cases There have been two reported cases of TB on University of South Florida campuses in 2012. First cases in February of 2012 Second case in May of 2012 USF takes an active approach to prevent TB outbreak from happening on Campus USF requires Screening and documentation from some students

How to Prevent Tuberculosis Infection:

How to Prevent Tuberculosis Infection Frequent hand washing Try wearing a face mask During winter months, avoid staying in the house for long periods of time Get vaccinated Get a TB skin test Avoid being too close to a coughing person.

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