The Role of NGOs in Promoting Women Empowerment

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Manav Kartavy is one of the leading NGOs in Ahmedabad, India. NGOs for various causes like social development, Old age home, Health cow Gau-Shala, Help Needy People, healthcare, education, and women empowerment. NGOs working for education in Ahmedabad gives primary and secondary education to children. We are also helping children of various ages by providing them good education for a brighter future.


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The Role of NGOs in Promoting Women Empowerment The most severe injustice that exists in India is of gender equality that subjects women to various male dominance and inequality. To help eliminate the inequality NGOs are playing a vital role in empowering women. NGOs are basically nonprofit organizations that are involved in carrying various activities for the betterment of under privileged people and society at large. It is since years that NGOs are helping make this world a better place by raising their voice against the issues prevalent in the society. They have played an important role in providing aid to people in need solving various problems and bringing a change in the society. NGOs work for various causes like social development healthcare education and women empowerment. NGOs working for education in Ahmedabad provides primary and secondary education to children. NGOs have played a major role in providing rights to women and giving them opportunities to empower themselves. There are many programmes conducted by NGOs that have helped change the role of women from being a food maker at home to food buyer of the family. Such activities have also helped women in decision making process for investment. Encouraging Self-Employment Empowering women to stand up against the control of others and help them lead a successful and prosperous life is the main aim behind women empowerment. NGOs are helping women stand up for

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themselves by self-employment. The thought that women should not work and should only involve themselves in household work has restricted their growth. The NGOs are helping women in:  Training and skill development NGOs train women and provide them opportunities of self-employment to improve their social and economic status. They try their best in training women and help them improve their quality of life. The main motive behind it is to develop skills and make them capable enough to financially help themselves.  Legal awareness and property rights NGOs are working to provide awareness about their rights. They also provide loan facilities so they can sustain in their lives.  Capacity building Keeping in mind the present economic situation in mind NGOs are also training women with knowledge technology and managerial techniques. In the state of Gujarat the NGOs are helping in mobilizing local communities to participate in development process. They helped in representing local interests like child care health care and women empowerment. There are some of the best NGOs in Ahmedabad that are providing solutions for various causes and problems. One of the most important roles that NGOs play is of advocacy. Their aims and objectives are usually focused in improving the lives of communities and constituencies for which they work. They have been on the forefront in empowering women promoting their rights and promoting holistic approach for their health services. They have become effective advocates at all levels local national and international. NGOs are trying their best in implementing change and if they are provided with proper support and resources they will surely create a great impact. Contact Details: Visit the website:

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