How to Add Findings into Your Research Paper

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In the findings you get to discuss and evaluate the perspectives you have gained throughput the entire research. You must be organized while writing the findings. Read more at:


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Learn Right Method of Including Findings In Research Paper

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A research paper for Business and Management programs becomes successful on the basis of the organization of the argument or analysis of your perspective. This is called the Finding of your research and you have to write it painstakingly. Introduction:

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Why and how your research findings support your initial hypothesis? Why and how your findings only support the hypothesis in part? Why and how your findings disprove your hypothesis? What else do your findings tell you? Research question:

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Relation to other research: Identify the accords and disparities between your data and that of others. Consider the vigor and flaws of substitute interpretations from the literature by offering your own interpretation of the results.

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Possibly allegations will be associated to current theory technical applications professional practice Allegations of your findings:

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Provide context and then explain: Begin your discussion with a convincing, one-paragraph summary of the study's major findings, and to put the findings into context go beyond that.

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To describe your findings use the first person, e.g. 'My data shows...‘ Always refer to your own research as 'This study..‘ Always in the present tense refer to your own research and other research in the past. Writing style:

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Don'ts in Writing Findings Avoid inferring, appraising, or presenting personal opinions about your results. Avoid adding any unrefined data . Avoid recurring the same data more than once. Avoid using identical figures and tables. 

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