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Ultrasonic Bonding of Textiles…:

Fast, one-step cutting, sealing, and “sewing” of synthetics and nonwovens No consumables needed. Uses minimal energy Handles various material thicknesses Over 500 roller patterns available More durable, safer products than thermal, adhesive, or sewing methods Ultrasonic Bonding of Textiles…

SeamMaster™ Rotary System:

Replaces sewing machines and makes continuous seams without thread. SeamMaster ™ Rotary System

Continuous, Rotary Bonding…:

Reduces drag on fabric; leaves softer seam Permits greater speed Accommodates complicated patterns Continuous, Rotary Bonding…

SeamMaster™ High Profile Bonder:

SeamMaster ™ High Profile Bonder

Makes safer medical clothing:

Makes safer medical clothing

Medical Disposables:

Demand exploded with HIV/AIDS Ultrasonic bonding prevents transmission of blood pathogens Disposable medical gowns, face masks, booties Medical Disposables

Attaches Velcro for Casts:

Attaches Velcro for Casts

PowerPoint Presentation:

Coverings for mattresses, wheelchairs, medical devices, and body bags

Hazmat Apparel:

Hazmat Apparel

Ballistic Vests:

Ballistic Vests

Insulation Blankets:

Insulation Blankets

Protection from the Environment:

Protection from the Environment

Rainweave™ Garden Fabric with Built-In Irrigation:

Rainweave ™ Garden Fabric with Built-In Irrigation

Home Furnishings:

Home Furnishings

Decorative Items:

Decorative Items

Lingerie and Swimwear:

Lingerie and Swimwear

Ultrasonic Assembly of most Filters:

Ultrasonic Assembly of most Filters

Fuel Filtration:

Fuel Filtration

HEPA-Rated Vacuum Bags:

HEPA-Rated Vacuum Bags

Absorbent Pads:

Absorbent Pads

Panel Filters:

Panel Filters

Cube Filters:

Cube Filters

Oil-Absorbing Booms & Pillows:

Oil-Absorbing Booms & Pillows

IDEA Award-Winning Filter Bag Machine:

IDEA Award-Winning Filter Bag Machine

Filter Assembly:

Filter Assembly

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