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My Sister By Jade and Shantai

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The great balls coming up and I don’t know what to wear! I bet Cinderella will be begging on her knobbly knees to go to the prince’s ball, and even if she did have different clothes she wouldn’t suit them, she would be looking like an orphan in a rubbish bag don’t ya think Mariel. I even looked at Cinderella’s wardrobe but she has nothing said Mariel. Well dah, all she has is an 1896 dress and she wears it every day so its not like she has any other clothes and even if she does she wouldn’t suit them I mean she has pimples, warts, a rash, and she looks like she swallowed a COW! said Kate

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But we never really saw Cinderella Kate. all we saw were photos, don’t you think it’s a bit odd that we never see her and she makes our beds tidy's or room does the dishes walks the Frog, Horse, Cat , Dog and Goat. W hen we got pranked on April fools day we got given lollies that made our teeth blue. S he put a blind fold over our eyes and took the blue away all though she did say holy smurf and ran away, so we never really saw her. In the morning Kate and Mariel went shopping. Mariel and Kate both found amazing dresses. Kate told Mariel to put on her pimple cream because they were getting really big. Mariel squirted out a dozen squirts to cover her whole body that’s right her whole body.

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“Oh blue birds how they sing, such wonderful creatures “ said Cinderella. Cinderella snuck out of the 250 feet castile, using her washing to make a rope to slide down on. She got down and ran her hair was following behind her, her hair was glowing and flowing in the wind as she ran. She was really beautiful, s he is skinny, Wearing a brown dress. She ran onto the road and bumped into a cart. She fell and fainted. She opened her eyes and found a prince kneeling down at her hoping she was ok. The prince helped Cinderella up and the prince hoped back in the cart and drove off.

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Cinderella kept on running, she came to the shops that sell dresses but they were all sold out. She came back home and asked her blue bird friends if they can make a dress for the ball. They replied in a chirpy voice “ Yes” so Cinderella and her birdy friends cut up Cinderella’s pale blue sheets and made a mesmerizing blue dress. Meanwhile her sisters Kate and Mariel are coming back with their dresses . They were so excited that they were running for the limo and tripped and fell into a puddle of mud. There dresses were ruined and the worst thing was the clothes shops were sold out and closed.

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When they came home they both yelled “Mum my dress is ruined and all muddy”. “Well you will have to wear normal clothes from your wardrobe”. said Tina.(their mum in other words) So they were looking for some nice clothes to wear to the ball, they couldn’t find anything so they didn’t go to the ball at all.

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Cinderella ran to the ball in her pale blue dress, she found the palace and saw the prince that bumped into her. S tanding next to him was a man who caught Cinderella’s eyes It was the prince’s brother! S o the ugly step sisters ended up cleaning the ball room dishes while Cinderella was having a happy life with the prince’s brother who she fell in love with at the ball.

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