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People need to taking place a Cruise Maldives trip to the Maldives is the fact that such journeys have actually come to be so prominent for cruise scuba diving in Maldives. Cruise diving is prominent way to unwind for tourists. The boats take off before sundown and reside in a coral reef location. Cruise Maldives makes this location a wonderful location to go to whenever of the year in Maldives.Visit our site for more information on Cruise Maldives


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Cruise Maldives Cruise Maldives touches two of the most remote and uninhabited atolls of the . The eastern side is one of the most popular choices for cruising boats in all seasons. There are many reasons: short stretches of open ocean - easy to cross during any monsoon - separate the atoll from Male; navigation is effortless throughout the year; the diving and snorkeling sites are among the most worthwhile in the archipelago; there are only two resorts and therefore little tourist traffic; and lastly the eastern tip of the atoll is one of the points with an abundance of fish on a par with anywhere in the archipelago during the dry monsoon.

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Cruise The Maldives - Brilliant Beach Hotels In The Maldives You can also board our private charter on its way to the most remote atolls of the Cruise The Maldives . Every year between January and April of every year, our yacht touches twelve of the fourteen Southern atolls during its 'South Expedition'. You can book the yacht in exclusivity for the entire expedition or for part of it, using domestic flights to access the yacht's location.

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Cruises Maldives - Best Way Of Maldives Sightseeing The Cruises Maldives is the ideal archipelago for an aquatic safari and Dhoni Stella are the perfect yachts for your private cruise focused on scuba diving or snorkeling. Sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, colorful soft corals, sea fans and acroporas - the Maldives reefs offer all of this and more. Hover your cursor over the white dots on the map below to discover all of the marine and natural reserves of the archipelago, as well as the best diving sites, a few selected resorts, and other places of interest; we can suggest the best itineraries to visit them or you can plan your own cruise with our interactive cruising planner.

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Cruising Maldives - A Honeymooner Heaven Cruising Maldives , gives you freestyle Cruises In Maldives archipelago. If your goal is to visit the finest resorts of the Maldives during your cruise and perhaps to spend a night in few of them, Dhoni Stella offers you the opportunity to sail in style from resort to resort with your private yacht. Each day, enjoy a different spa for a treatment, a different bar for a cocktail or a different restaurant for dinner.

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Each day on board can be fashioned into another fantastic experience with night fishing at sunset, sunbathing on sandbanks, exploring the abundant life of the reefs and watching the breath-taking sunsets. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family holiday or a marine exploration voyage to discover the amazing fauna of the Maldives, Cruise Maldives will cater exclusively to your needs. For more information visit our site :

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