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Malcolm John Baker

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Malcolm John Baker was born in Salisbury, England in 1945. He is, by trade, a chartered surveyor, now retired, and living in Florida. He has a son and daughter living in England with four grandchildren. Writing only came to him in recent years following many years of travel. He has always had an interest in people, and whilst all the books are fiction, they have links to current affairs and history. Many of his personal views are expressed in the books. It is up to the reader whether they agree or not.

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He is the famous fiction novelist in Lakewood Ranch , Florida. Apart from fiction novel he is also a well-known author of Biography and story books in Lakewood Ranch.

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Daylight Robbery : Malcolm John Baker has recently signed a film contract for the making of a movie for Daylight Robbery. Malcolm John Baker will be the executive producer for this particular movie. The screenplay is being professionally prepared now, with filming will start later in the year. The company he is working with NRM Media and Malcolm John Baker will also be taking an active role in all the production process. Achievements

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Merlin’s Secret:   Stratton Press is to publish the Merlin’s Shakespeare Encounter in about three months and also Merlin’s French Encounter will be released in later this year. Book lovers this is a very good opportunity for all of you to book your Merlin’s Shakespeare Encounter in three months from today . The exact date of the book release will be announced shortly.

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Merlin's Secret submitted to Authors Gateway in Hollywood for prepartion of a query letter to film studios.

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Book 'the revenge is Mine' New reader magerzine of New York are doing a screen play for submission to Studios to get the book on the big screne .

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GET OFFICE INFO. ADDRESS: 5836, wakf unit 102 Lakewood ranch fl 34211 CALL BACK NUMBER: 9417579982 EMAIL ADDRESS: m-baker12@sky.com WEBSITE ADDRESS: www.malcolmjohnbaker.com Contact Us

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