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Coton de Tulear Breeders


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MALAGASY COTON DE TULEAR MALAGASY COTON DE TULEAR PRESERVATION CLUB PRESERVATION CLUB The Largest Coton de Tulear Breed Club in the USA. ​We are Breeders Dedicated to Protecting the Future of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear. WE HAVE NEWS TO SHARE WITH THE COTON COMMUNITY Our MCPC President and Vice-President Debbie Newman and Becky Olsen recently returned from a two- week visit to Madagascar to meet their official Coton Club CTMC and their members. The photos below are from the three different cities we visited and had coton gatherings in. You can see all our photos and our travel blogging at our facebook group:

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Breeders from around the world have always believed or been told that there were no Cotons left in Madagascar they are all mix breeds. Our trip was a goodwill visit to help their breed club in any manner possible this is what we provided for them: History of the Coton de Tulear in Madagascar and in North America they have no written history themselves. Explained the CTCA Breed Standard they had no idea there were different breed standards. We provided Breed Conformation and Grooming demonstrations. We were able to DNA test 21 of their Cotons with Embark Vet kits. Prior to our visit we did test a beautiful tricolor Coton and the results were 100 Coton de Tulear. This was exciting news for everyone. The Malagasy People want to save their breed in Madagascar as they are the Country of Origin and now they can prove to the world with DNA that they DO have purebred Cotons de Tulear in Madagascar. Madagascar is a poor country and can not afford the DNA test kits just over 100. We have offered to raise money to purchase more DNA kits so they can test all of their Cotons. They will be using the results and working with the scientists at Embark Vet and at the Institute of Canine Biology to help them develop breeding strategies for their members and country. Please consider donating to help us send more DNA kits to the Malagasy people helping them to SAVE THE COTON DE TULEAR in Madagascar. TO LEARN MORE WORKING TOGETHER PROTECTING OUR RARE BREED. ​It takes a community of forward thinking and planning to keep a small gene pool like the Coton de Tulear healthy for generations to come. ​Embracing new technologies as they develop ​will allow us to continue producing and raising healthy clown-like ​lovable Malagasy Coton Puppies. Choosing a MCPC Breeder gives you peace of mind. Knowing your breeder is using ALL of the available tools to keep diversity in the breed which minimizes genetic diseases is the best start for your puppys future.

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Differences are good for a gene pool. Selecting for only one type of trait in a breed that has many is wrong. The Malagasy Coton de Tulear has different coat colors and sizes. We embrace them all. Black and White Cotons ​will hold some color as they age. The black usually fades to silver-gray to a deep charcoal coloring. Some will hold their jet black color. Tricolor Cotons are born with black brown and white markings. The color will gradually fade sometimes to all white with only some residual coloring on the head. White Cotons are born predominately white sometimes with some reddish or blush color they have no black hairs at all and usually fade to all white as an adult. Its believed the Tall Cotons height 14"-18" comes from the rare Morondava Hunting Dog present in low numbers in Madagascar. Some Tall Cotons have even reached 20" in height. A closed gene pool can never get bigger

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L i k e S h a r e 263 people like this. Sign Up to see w hat your friends like. HOME FIND A BREEDER DONATE But it can get smaller FIRST OUR Purpose To create a lasting organization for breeders and families of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear that will maintain a pedigree database a litter registry and health records for generations to come. LETS WORK Together As dedicated breeders it is our responsibility to plan today for future generations of breeders and pet owners of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear. Breeders and families working together. ITS UP TO US Change We use DNA genotyping to determine the genetic diversity and coefficient of inbreeding COI. This new technology is another tool available to breeders along with pedigree analysis and Wrights COI. The time to react is before a breed loses genetic diversity.

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