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Explain the general condition of the Contract.:

Explain the general condition of the Contract. Prepared by Er.C.MAKENDRAN M.E.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor

Explain the general condition of the Contract. :

Explain the general condition of the Contract. The following are the general conditions of contract containing the terms and conditions of contract in detail. The conditions should specify the following points . Rates inclusive of materials, labours , tools and plans and all other agreements necessary for the completion of the work. Amount of security money (10% of estimated cost) Time of completion of the work Progress to be maintain Penalty or fine for unsatisfactory and bad work of completion Penalty for failure in maintaining the progress

General condition of the Contract.:

G eneral condition of the Contract. Penalty for delay in work completion Mode of payment ,running account payment final payment and security money refund. Extention of time limit of the contract Rules for employment of debatable agency and the termination of the contract Minimum wages to the labours , compensation to the labours in case of any accidents. Authority deciding extra items and contractors clients.

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