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Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering Prepared by Er.C.Makendran M.E.,(Ph.D)

Civil Engineering Departments:

Civil Engineering Departments Civil Engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. Structural Engineering Transportation Engineering Remote sensing and Geotechnical Engineering Enviromental Engineering Construction Management Soil mechanics Engineering Irrigation Engineering Ocean Engineering

What is Civil Engineering????:

What is Civil Engineering???? Civil engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. Structural & solid mechanics. Waste treatment & environmental. Transportation. Geotechnical & soil mechanics. Hydraulics & water management. Construction management.

Structural & Solid Mechanics:

Structural & Solid Mechanics Structural engineers design steel, concrete, or timber framed structures such as: Tall buildings & towers, Bridges, Dams, Retaining walls, & foundations, &. Stadiums. Link: Mackinack Bridge Link: Chesepeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel

Waste Treatment & Environmental.:

Waste Treatment & Environmental. Wastewater treatment engineers are civil or environmental engineers trained to design or analyze water treatment plants. Water treatment plants are categorized as follows: Sanitary waste treatment facilities, Industrial waste treatment facilities, Potable (drinking) water treatment facility. Largest treatment basins in the USA Link: Visit Sewage World


Transportation Transportation Engineers design and analyze Highways, Railways, Airports, Urban and Suburban Road Networks, Parking Lots, and Traffic Control Signal Systems. Link: Transportation at work

Geotechnical & Soil Mechanics:

Geotechnical & Soil Mechanics Geotechnical Engineers analyze the subterranean rock and soil to determine its suitability to support extreme loads. Proper geotechnical engineering is essential for a safe and secure structure. Link: A bad engineering job

Hydraulics & Water Management:

Hydraulics & Water Management Water management involves the use of hydrologic and hydraulic principles to design: Drainage systems, Detention/retention ponds, Navigational waterways, and Flood control levees, dams, and lakes. Link: Hoover Dam Link: Flood Pictures

Construction Management:

Construction Management Construction managers: Review contracts, Order materials, Hire and schedule sub-contractors. The job of a construction manager is to: Provide quality control and insure project is completed on time and. Within budget. Link: Golden Gate Bridge Construction



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