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Overlay design by Benkelman Beam Method [Procedure only :

Overlay design by Benkelman Beam Method [Procedure only Prepared by C.Makendran Assistant professor

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The test for evaluating the strengthening requirement of existing flexible road pavements using the Benkelman Beam Deflection Technique.

Principles of benkelman beam:

Principles of benkelman beam Basic Principles of Deflection Method Performance of flexible pavements is closely related to the elastic deflection of pavement under the wheel loads. The deformation or elastic deflection under a given load depends upon subgrade soil type, its moisture content and compaction, the thickness and quality of the pavement courses, drainage conditions, pavement surface temperature etc.

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  Pavement deflection is measured by the Benkelman beam which consists of a slender beam 3.66 m long pivoted at a distance of 2.44 m from the tip (see fig.1). By suitably placing the probe between the dual wheels of a loaded truck, it is possible to measure the rebound and residual deflections of the pavement structure. While the rebound deflection is the one related to pavement performance, the residual deflection may be due to non-recoverable deflection of the pavement or because of the influence of the deflection bowl on the front legs of the beam. Rebound deflection is used for overlay design.

Benkelman Beam :

Benkelman Beam

To conduct the field test:

To conduct the field test

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