CE2045-Prefabricated Structures

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CE2045-Prefabricated Structures  Prefabricated Structures  advantage and disadvantage:

CE2045-Prefabricated Structures   Prefabricated Structures  advantage and disadvantage Prepared By C.MAKENDRAN Assistant Professor


ADVANTAGES   Aesthetic Appeal Faster Completion Economical Seismic Resistance Ease of Expansion Maintenance Free Large Clear Spans Controlled Quality

  Disadvantages :

  Disadvantages Careful handling of prefabricated components such as concrete panels or steel and glass panels is required. Attention has to be paid to the strength and corrosion-resistance of the joining of prefabricated sections to avoid failure of the joint. Similarly, leaks can form at joints in prefabricated components. Transportation costs may be higher for voluminous prefabricated sections than for the materials of which they are made, which can often be packed more efficiently. Large prefabricated sections require heavy-duty cranes and precision measurement and handling to place in position. Local jobs are lost.

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