Buy Follistim 900 IU At Affordable Prices From Make Me Fertile


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Buy Follistim 900 IU At Affordable Prices From Make Me Fertile

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Follistim 900 IU or follicle stimulating hormone is a synthetic form of a hormone which is naturally present in the body. This hormone helps in regulating ovulation, the development and growth of eggs in a woman’s ovaries. It is mainly utilized to treat infertility related concerns in women and stimulate the creation of sperms in men. This medication is used for treating infertility in women who are unable to ovulate and have not faced a primary ovarian failure.

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Follistim 900 IU is also used for stimulating the production of sperms in men. It consists of purified rFSH and can be administered below the skin with the help special equipment like a Follistim pen which comes with the medicine. The dial-a-dose feature in the pen allows patients to self administer the right dose as recommended by their physicians.

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The medicine is available three multiple dose presentations i.e. Follistim 300 IU, Follistim 600 IU and Follistim 900 IU. The prescription and the dosage of the medicine depend upon the nature of infertility and the medical record of the patient.

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Make Me Fertile is a leading online provider of high quality fertility medications like Gonal F 900 IU, Bravelle 75 IU, Menopur 75 IU, Repronex 75 IU and more at reasonable prices. It offers the best listing of medical experts and clinics and maintains the best directories for IVF Centers. Make Me Fertile serves as an ideal online source for buying genuine and FDA approved Follistim 900 IU at discounted prices.

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In order to buy fertility medications from this leading virtual IVF pharmacist, customers are required to follow a simple, three steps ordering process that has been designed to provide them with a quick, hassle-free and secure experience.

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To place an order, patients need to first call on the store’s toll free number and talk to the order coordinator about their prescription. Secondly, they are required to fax their prescription along with their e-mail address to the store and in the final step they need to fax the order or payment form back to the store after getting it for confirmation.

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The store sends the patient a confirmation e-mail once the order has been dispatched. Make Me Fertile also provides valuable information about fertility issues and other reproductive challenges. As per information offered by this leading advocacy group, Follistim 900 IU is not recommended for pregnant women or those who have faced a primary ovarian failure. For more information, please browse through

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