HTML5 APIs for Creating Interactive Websites


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The new version of HTML5 changes the process of how websites are designed.


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5 Top HTML5 APIs for Creating Interactive Websites The new version of HTML5 changes the process of how websites are designed. It has introduced a new API that as a host of cool features for web designers and web developers. These new APIs can be used for creating interactive websites that were not possible earlier. It is also be used for game development and create other interactive projects. 1.FullScreen API It allows the web browser to show the full screen to the end user. It needs approval by the user before it takes to the full-screen. it provides a way to show full-screen display through user and exit this mode when there is no need. 2. High-Resolution time API It gives us the current time in the resolution that is it is not subject to adjustment. It creates only one method that is the window. performance object called now . 3. User Timing API This API is created for testing the performance of the code. With the High-resolution Time API we can get the current time in sub-millisecond resolution. Basically the work of User Timing API is to resolve the problem about the variable in our code i.e. bunch of variable. 4. Navigation Timing API The main aspect of the user experience is page loading time. Unfortunately it is not easy to troubleshoot a slow pace because of many contributing factors. To help with this problem the new API was defined i.e. Navigation Timing API. 5.Network information API This API deals with performance are the network API. It helps to find whether the user is on a metered connection like pay-as-you-go and provides the estimate of bandwidth. It is also possible to change the behavior of the page for the best experience. Binary Informatics

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