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recent trends in mutual funds


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Emerging Trends in Mutual Funds : 

Emerging Trends in Mutual Funds By N. Manikandan & K. Priyadharshini

Key Investment Considerations : 

Key Investment Considerations Liquidity You get your money back when you want it Plus Convenience How easy is it to invest, disinvest and adjust to your needs? Post-tax Returns How much is really left for you post tax?

Mutual Fund : 

Mutual Fund A mutual fund is the trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. A mutual fund is just the connecting bridge or a financial intermediary that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective. The mutual fund will have a fund manager who is responsible for investing the gathered money into specific securities (stocks or bonds). It gives the market returns and not assured returns.

MF diversify their risks? : 

MF diversify their risks? No. Mutual fund investments are not totally risk free. According to basis financial theory, which states that an investor can reduce his total risk by holding a portfolio of assets instead of only one asset. This is because by holding all your money in just one asset, the entire fortunes of your portfolio depend on this one asset. By creating a portfolio of a variety of assets, this risk is substantially reduced.

MF offer tax benefit : 

MF offer tax benefit Yes. If the capital gains earned by you during a financial year are invested in specified mutual funds then such capital gains are exempt from capital gains tax under Section 54EA and Section 54EB of the Income Tax Act.

Growth of Mutual Funds : 

Growth of Mutual Funds Mutual funds are opened in India 1963 by Unit Trust of India. U.T.I is Monopoly in MF up to 1986-87 In July 1987 SBI MF was stared followed by Canara Bank in 1987 and other Major banks also. 1987- Public Sector banks, Insurance Companies SBI, Canbank, PNB LIC, GIC 1993- Private Sector Kothari Pioneer ( later merged with Franklin Templeton), J P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, George Soros and Capital International

Phases of Mutual Fund : 

Phases of Mutual Fund First phase- 1964-87 Second Phase - 1987-1993 Third Phase - 1993-2003 Fourth Phase - since Feb 2003

Growth of Mutual Funds in India : 

Growth of Mutual Funds in India The size of Indian mutual fund industry has grown in recent few years. The total AUM has increased from Rs.1, 01, 565 crores in January 2000 to Rs.5, 67, 601.98 crores in April 2008. As on august end 2000, there were 33 Funds with 391 schemes and assets under management with Rs 1, 02,849 crores. There are 34 Mutual Fund organizations in India managing 1,02,000 crores.

Growth of this industry : 

Growth of this industry According to the AMFI, the growth of this industry has been exceptional. One of the major factors contributing to the growth of this industry has been the booming stock market with an optimistic domestic economy. Second most important reason for this growth is a favorable regulatory regime which has been enforced by SEBI. This regulatory board has improved the market surveillance to protect the investor’s interest.

Mutual Fund Companies in India : 

Mutual Fund Companies in India Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Unit Trust of India Mutual Fund Reliance Mutual Fund Standard Chartered Mutual Fund Franklin Templeton India Mutual Fund Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund India Canbank Mutual Fund LIC Mutual Fund GIC Mutual Fund ICICI Mutual Fund

Future of Mutual Funds in India : 

Future of Mutual Funds in India By end of 2010, the mutual fund industry of India will reach Rs 40,90,000 crore. It was based on the December 2004 asset value of Rs 1,50,537 crore. In the coming 10 years the annual composite growth rate is expected to go up by 13.4%. Since the last 5 years, the growth rate was recorded as 9% annually.

Facts for the Growth of MF : 

Facts for the Growth of MF Several asset management companies which are foreign based are now entering the Indian markets, with over US$1trillion assets under management worldwide. Our saving rate is over 23%, highest in the world. Only channelizing these savings in mutual funds sector is required. We have approximately 29 mutual funds which is much less than US having more than 800. There is a big scope for expansion.

Growth Of It., : 

Growth Of It., In the future, there lies a big scope for the Indian Mutual Funds industry to expand. A number of commodity Mutual Funds will be introduced in the future. The SEBI has granted the permission for the same. There is also enough scope for the Indian Mutual funds to enter into the semi-urban and rural areas. Financial planners will play a major role in the Mutual Funds market by providing people with proper financial planning.

Deadly Mutual Fund Myths –Recent Times : 

Deadly Mutual Fund Myths –Recent Times The Conventional Wisdom Myth The Momentum Myth The Five Star Myth The New Fund Myth

Keeping Track… : 

Keeping Track… Filling up an application form and writing out a cheque= end of the story…NO! Periodically evaluate performance of your funds Fact sheets and Newsletters Websites Newspapers Professional advisor

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