The significance of an atmospheric water generator

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Maithri Aquatech, an Indian startup aims at alleviating the global water crisis through development and manufacturing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG).


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The Significance of an atmospheric water generator Nowadays we have been habituated to drink the RO purified and various purified water but we don’t know that we are getting the actual minerals that are necessary to our body or not. Since the people are evolved and well-versed about the technologies they are trying to prefer safe and cost-effective methods in any aspect. The atmospheric water generator is one of the best water purifiers that produce the fresh ​mineral water from the air ​. And it is the latest and productive invention that gives maximum benefits to us. An atmospheric water generator is a device that adopts the condensation technique to extract fresh mineral water from the air. Then that water is filtered and purified by applying various processes like reverse osmosis and Carbon filtration etc. and this technology often known as water from air water from humidity ​fresh water from air machine ​ air water generator and so on. The atmospheric water generator is one of the trendings and prevailing technologies of the atmospheric water generating systems and this technology is very much useful in the areas where there is no access to potable drinking water or lack of safe and pure water. Get the premium quality atmospheric water generators from the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers-Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd. Who are experts in providing the customized atmospheric water generating systems prominently used in several industries.

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The main objective of the atmospheric water generator is to produce the maximum amount of safe and high-quality drinking water by using a small amount of electricity. And it has been undergone redesign and redevelopment and incorporated with the latest advanced purification techniques to satisfy the user’s needs. The output of the atmospheric water generator depends upon the relative humidity and temperature of the location where it is located. To get the optimum results the relative humidity level should be at least 50 and in the areas with lower humidity also produces water but not quickly. The ​atmospheric water generating systems ​ ensure rich quality and the purest potable drinking water by adopting a different kind of purification and filtration technologies. Salient features of atmospheric water generator: ● The key and popular technology behind it is the production of water without any water source. It gives fresh and safe water by using eco-friendly air-to-water technology. ● Unlike Ro and other water purifying systems the atmospheric water generator doesn’t require any water supply and also doesn’t waste the existing water sources. ● The cost-effective systems and require less maintenance to operate and it can be set up in less time. ● Ensures effective production of pure fresh and safest mineral water from the air that doesn’t contain any type of contaminants. ● As the water purifiers and RO’s can’t eliminate all type of microbes or pathogens the atmospheric water generator purifies the water intensely by adopting high-end purification techniques like RO and UV treatments etc. We are the best ​ ​atmospheric water generator suppliers ​ ​that offers atmospheric water generating systems as Meghdoot in different categories based on the production capabilities. Like meghdoot can produce water that ranges from 30 to 1000 litres per day. We not only provide mineral fresh water for drinking purpose but also for various purposes like farming food processing and also used in medicals laboratories semiconductor glass manufacturing pharmaceutical industries and so on. Conclusion- Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd is an expertized firm that possesses extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of atmospheric water generator with world-class equipment. We offer cost-effective and efficient products and strive to satisfy the users by providing the customized products as per their needs. Eco-friendly technology that helps to produce pure drinking water without any wastage in the regions where there is water scarcity. Contact : ​+91-7013236131 Email Visit us :

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