Use an Atmospheric water generator and save depleting water resources

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Fresh drinking water is not available for millions of people around the world, and extracting water from the air may assist to provide water for all.


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Use an Atmospheric water generator and save depleting water resources Fresh drinking water is not available for millions of people around the world and extracting water from the air may assist to provide water for all. Can we draw fresh safe and clean drinking water out of thin air The answer is yes it is possible with the new invention known as ​atmospheric water generator ​ which is designed to address the challenges that we face by water shortage or scarcity. There are almost 2.1 billion people who are currently lack of safe and clean drinkable water and an air to water generator device able to produce fresh potable water from the atmosphere using renewable energy. It extracts water continuously by absorbing the humidity from the air around us. And it uses condensation method one of the proven processes to cool the water vapor at its dew point and turns it to fresh water. The overall goal of the ​atmospheric water generator supplier ​ is to replace the costly desalination plants that generate harmful chemicals and gases which are pumped into the seas- adversely affecting the climate and ecosystem. And there are so many people around the world who spend lots of hours to get safe drinking water. Also there are some places where there is no proper access to clean water or even lack of water resources. And the atmospheric water generator is a substantial alternative source that gives a complete solution for all these issues. Though there are a lot of competitors in the atmospheric water generator system ​ ​sphere the maithri aqua is one of the top listed ​atmospheric water generator manufacturers ​ in our country. And we created a benchmark in providing the best atmospheric water solutions to the users who come up with their specific needs. Highlights of the atmospheric water generator Air to water generator ​ /water from air machine incorporates a new technology that significantly impacts the lives of many people and communities around the world. As it is easily available and affordable it can also economically impact the water industry.

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All the commercially available water from air machines use conventional air-to-water technology that uses lower tested efficiency rates whereas our technology facilitates the production of safe clean and fresh drinking mineral water from the air. This means our water from air machine termed as meghdoot can produce a high quantity of water with considerably less amount of energy. And the Meghdoot-air to water generator is a renewable solution that takes ample energy and costs less than other purified packaged water. It is a true reality that making water out of thin air in the whole day and even in a complete year. High-grade water Quality- Our water from air machines generate fresh clean and safest drinking water as pure as rainwater with ultimate award-winning technology. Provides microbe-free nutrient-rich remineralised ultra-pure water which is safe to consume. Productive technology- A revolutionary technology made by our architects and engineers that excels as the world’s most energy-efficient and useful solution. Cost-efficient- consumes less power compared to the competitor’s products and produces more safe water per kilowatt. Eco-friendly- peerless technology that assists in reducing plastic use and waste. The meghdoot- ​atmospheric water generator ​ is capable of producing the alkaline water that can help to balance the body pH and even facilitate with more health benefits. And it ensures non-existence of total dissolved solids and any other impurities contaminants. There will be zero presence of any kind of bacteria such as E-coli in the water created by the water from air machine. Even after treating the groundwater with several methods we cannot remove all the impurities and some of them may remain in the water. Whereas the atmospheric humidity contains comparably fewer impurities and unwanted substances. And our water from air machines squeezes the fresh and the safest clean water by following multi-step filtration treatments. Atmospheric water solutions are widely accepted worldwide and have been used in many industries like pharmaceuticals semiconductor medical laboratories and so on. And also perfectly suitable for residential and commercial uses like in homes offices community centers hospitals military applications particularly for the remote rural villages and arid regions. Conclusion- Maithri Aqua offers unrivalled atmospheric water generator services in terms of cost reliability and efficiency. We can meet the large-scale demands of our units reliably and quickly. We look forward to deploy our water generating units across our country with an initial focus on rural areas. We believe that atmospheric water solutions can reduce global water stress and scarcity. Ensuring the high quality and availability of clean and safe drinking water for India. Contact : +91-7013236131 Email Visit us :

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