Meghdoot---A device that squeezes fresh water out of thin air

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Do you know that about 2.1 billion people around the world living under the water stress conditions, without access to clean and safe water? And about 1.7 million children die annually due to lack of safe drinking water,


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Meghdoot-A device that squeezes fresh water out of thin air Do you know that about 2.1 billion people around the world living under the water stress conditions without access to clean and safe water And about 1.7 million children die annually due to lack of safe drinking water and so many people are suffering because of water-related diseases. According to the statistics by the end of 2025 world’s 50 population is going to be under water stressed. The ideal solution for all the above issues is Meghdoot-atmospheric water generator. This ​ ​air to water generator ​ produces premium quality clean drinking water by consuming less power. Meghdoot- atmospheric water generator the world-saving technology that extracts fresh and clean water from the air. It abstracts the humid ambient air out of the atmosphere and converts the water vapor into water through the condensation-a process which chills the vapor at its dew point to result in clean water. The Maithri Aqua one of the supreme ​ ​atmospheric water generator manufacturers ​ ​that deliver cost-effective reliable water generating units. And our water from air machine creates clean and safe water from the largest available fresh water resource-the air for the people who are in need especially for the remote locations How it works Meghdoot AWG uses very effective technology to draw fresh ​mineral water from the air ​. The humid ambient air is drawn into the maithri aqua atmospheric water generator where it is rigorously cleaned by removing all the dust dirt and impurities allow pure air into the system. And then the clean air is directed to the system and it cools down below its dew point to create water. Then the resulted water is subjected through the multi-stage filtering system to remove the organic and inorganic unwanted substances. And it adds the minerals and maintains all properties which make the water safe and drinkable.

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Maithri Aqua compactly designed the air to water generators with a scalable structure that produces the premium quality of safe water. Our atmospheric water generating systems can be operated with the help of any source of power supply such as solar panels generators etc. we offer an easily customizable solution that can be configured to any specific size we need to support a wide variety of applications. Meghdoot water from air machine incorporates revolutionary technology that acts like a game changer in the water industry. The portable ​ ​atmospheric water generating systems ​ easy the water supply for communities towns villages homes offices residential and commercial complexes based on the specific water needs. The best alternative for the purified packaged water or regular water purifiers. Meghdoot AWG from one of the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers- is available in various water production units that can produce from 30 to 1000 litres per day. Which is suitable for large-scale commercial and residential projects. Generates water specifically required for the industrial purposes ultra-pure water for pharmaceutical firms and also facilitates the remote access to water especially in off-grid locations. It is integrated with additional features like remote data monitoring temperature and humidity sensors flow meter that indicates the relative humidity temperature and rate of flow of water respectively. And also capable of generating MIS reports that can be accessed through mobile devices from anywhere. Since drinking water is an essential element for everyone and according to the research done by the world resources institute said that devices like water from air machine technology alone could be helpful in eliminating the global water shortage or scarcity. Despite having so many systems for capturing water out of the air it is hard to imagine how they can replace the traditional water sources. Yet these water generating systems are getting popular and more demand. Cost-effective and productive solutions that facilitate with an endless supply of fresh and clean water. Meghdoot AWG works in any climatic conditions and in favorable conditions results in optimal performance. With it we can create fresh mineral water from the air any time and anywhere without any water source or additional infrastructure. Conclusion- Maithri Aqua assists you to face the poor challenges of water shortage or scarcity. And provides access to fresh safe and clean water anywhere with the atmospheric water generator. Our water from air solutions improve the quality of life making it available at reasonable costs. Enables easy installation and maintenance generates water 24/7 without any hassles. Ideal water generation process for areas with high levels of air pollution. Potential to address the challenges of the global water crisis. Contact : ​ +91-7013236131 Email Visit us :

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