How to Secure A Good Score in NATA

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For students aspiring to study in the field of Architecture, qualifying NATA or National ability course for design is the way to go. There are several institutions in Pune offering NATA coaching classes for students to help them understand the step by step process to Crack NATA. For more info visit


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How to Secure A Good Score in NATA:

How to Secure A Good Score in NATA

Understanding the Course:

Understanding the Course The NATA examination patterns consists of  1.  Drawing test , 2.  Mathematical and aptitude test. The drawing test has a time limit of two hours. To secure a good score in the exam, you need to take care of certain aspects.

The Drawing Ability:

The Drawing Ability Try to make sketches as appropriate as possible to your ability, nonetheless visually enticing as well. It is also important to sketch the effects of light etc., of the objects. It is essential to make a structure or a building by composing and combining any given 3D parts. 

About Cracking the MCQ Section:

About Cracking the MCQ Section This would be a computer-based test in which you need to answer 40 multiple choice questions. Evaluation of this section would entirely rely upon your overall understanding and conception of the subject

Practicing the recent Question Papers:

Practicing the recent Question Papers IID coaching classes   in Pune  equip students with the previous year question papers for students reference. Although the format undergoes a bit little bit of amendment from time to time, the fundamental question pattern remains more or less similar.

Preparing Your Time-Table:

Preparing Your Time-Table It’s crucial to reconsider your  time-table, if you’re re-thinking the current one. There are different sections in an Architecture Exam, including the drawing test. To get a head start on the NATA preparations, join the  NATA classes in Pune  and boost your chances of cracking the NATA Exam.

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