Type of Breast Implant Linked to Risk of Cancer

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Type of Breast Implant Linked to Risk of Cancer:

Type of Breast Implant Linked to Risk of Cancer https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/san-antonio/news/2019/07/27/type-of-breast-implant-linked-to-risk-of-cancer


SAN ANTONIO -- One type of breast implant is linked to an increased risk of cancer and is being taken off the market in the United States, according to the Food and Drug Administration.


FDA request Allergen to recall breast implants BIOCELL textured implants focus of recall


After being connected with almost 600 cases of large cell lymphoma worldwide, the  FDA  asked Allergen to recall its BIOCELL textured breast implants and tissue expanders.


A San Antonio plastic surgeon told Spectrum News he treated one patient who developed lymphoma from her implants, a procedure she underwent in Mexico. But he said the cancer in this instance is much easier to remove and said his patient is now in remission. The surgeon said that the large majority of American implants are a round shape with a smooth surface, which are not affected.


He said the textured implants are linked to the lymphoma because over time bacteria can build up in the grooves on the surface of the implant.


"The good news is that if it's caught early, it's a simple operation to correct. It's just a matter of taking out the implant with its shell, and that in 90-percent of cases, is curative,” said Dr. Suresh Koneru , a plastic surgeon at the North Central Baptist Hospital.


For anyone who already has the BIOCELL textured implants, the FDA is not recommending patients have them removed. Instead, Koneru said those patients should report any pain or swelling and have yearly check-ups with their doctor. Koneru pointed out the company Allergan also makes a non-textured implant, which he said is much more popular in the United States and that version is not a concern.


This article is originally appeared on https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/san-antonio/news/2019/07/27/type-of-breast-implant-linked-to-risk-of-cancer

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