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Clark's Cove Farm is the premier wedding reception venue in midcoast maine with mainicured gardens, pastoral waterviews, a working apple orchard and private suites.


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Open from June 1 thru the last Sunday in October 107 Ridge Road Walpole, ME 04573 (207) 563-8704 (Days in Season) (207) 563-3590 (Evenings in Season) (207) 563-6535 (Facsimile) (772) 321-0622 (Mobile) Email: Url: Url: Proprietors: Tim & Tamara Cheney

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Clark’s Cove Farm & Inn Facility & Event Pictures 107 Ridge Road•Walpole•Me 04573 (207) 563-8704

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Tour of the Grounds

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The Barn is Circa 1860’s . It contains 2 Apartments, a grand room, a kitchen with a Garland stove, 2 bathrooms, and the main barn area for events.

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Entrance to Grand Room and Apartments

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Early June view from the front lawn. Before mowing and pruning.

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An English Formal Garden with a fountain and lighting was established on the front lawn in 2003

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Front Gardens

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200 year old stone walls etch the driveway to the main house and terrace. The driveway is lined with purple & white lilac and the stone walls are smothered in Wisteria.

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There are nine different garden areas. This one, established in 2005 alongside the driveway, features an antique sundial surrounded by roses. Indigenous shrubs and perennials skirt the surrounding stone wall. It is lit at night.

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Circular Garden in driveway circle which is lit at night.

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Our home. 1790 Georgian Federal that was moved piece by piece from Warren, Maine in 1960. It took three years to reconstruct

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Terrace behind our home with perennial beds and water garden and majestic, pastoral westerly views.

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Terrace Garden

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Fountain on the Terrace with lighting

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The Terrace area was expanded 5,000 square feet in 2003. It now will accommodate tents up to 40 X 100 feet

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Between the House and the Barn

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A sitting area to the side of the terrace with a lit shade garden

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Area between Terrace and Barn in Autumn

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Back steps to Deck on rear of Barn

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Rear View of the Barn

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Welcome to the Field Kitchen. Constructed in 2005, to replace the use of field kitchen tents on the North Terrace. This building is 400 sq ft, has two entrances, Vulcan oven, double stainless steel refrigeration unit, stainless steel prep tables and sink. It’s efficient design and rear loading area dramatically reduces clean up time. Caterers love it!

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Partial hilltop view of Orchard in Bloom. Late May

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Northwest view from the knoll.

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Ceremony Sites Many people elect to discard the traditional religious ceremony settings and choose a more naturalistic and spiritual background for their ceremony. The Farm offers many sites that offer the serenity and natural beauty requisite to honor the marriage ceremony.

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Ceremonies may also take place at Cove side. The natural setting is beautiful for photogr aphy and the setting has a magical energy.

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Ceremonies are often performed on the terrace as the views are spectacular and the photographic opportunities magical

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Ceremony on the Terrace

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An aerial view of the terrace after a ceremony

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Ceremony on the Terrace

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We are open to anything at the Farm (providing it is legal). One of the highlights of this wedding was the arrival of the groom via helicopter. We were happy to custom groom a helipad in the meadow the morning of the ceremony

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The Longest Walk .. to a wondrous occasion on a fabulous day in a beautiful setting. The Orchard during the fall is spectacular.

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Ceremony in the Orchard during Apple Season

Slide 43:

Procession in the Orchard

Slide 44:

October Ceremony in the Orchard

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T o T h e F r o n t G a r d e n Photograph Courtesy of Abbie Sewall: –

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Ceremony in the front garden

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Ceremonies may be held in the Barn. It will accommodate up to 150 people

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The 1 st ceremony on the deck in 2004

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Receptions Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres The Barn The Terrace The Meadow

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Cocktails in the Front Garden

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The bar is often set up in the barn. The ambiance is soft and rustic

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The area has several talented pastry chefs

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Cocktails on the knoll

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Tables set on the lawn for cocktails and hor d’oeuvres

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Cocktails in the Orchard

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A Table for Two in the Orchard During Blossom

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Photograph Courtesy of Metzger Studios –

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Our 840 square foot decks offers orchard, meadow and water views. It may be used for cocktails, dining and dancing. A frame tent (20 x 40) may be easily installed

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Autumn reception behind the barn.

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A French Door leading to the deck was added in 2005 and the floors were redone.

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A partial view of the barn interior. It will hold up to 120 people in this area.

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Tents may be set up on the deck at no additional charge.

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The options for table decorations are endless

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A Tent May be set up in the meadow east of the pond.

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Tent set up on Terrace

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A small tent on the terrace. Many different tent styles and sizes are available

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A terrace reception with a 40’ by 80’ tent will accommodate up to 175 people with a band and dance floor.

Slide 79:

Tent in the Meadow – Easterly view.

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Tents can be set up in the meadow by the pond for parties up to 250 people.

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Our Guests have ranged from pleasantly eccentric to main stream in their musical appetites. Our list of Music vendors include the following Genres: World, Celtic, Country, Blues, Blue Grass, Rock & Classical. We also have lists of DJ’s available. Music

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Celtic Music during Cocktails.

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Evening Vistas at the Farm

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Photograph Courtesy of Metzger Studios –

Slide 88:

An early evening view of the terrace and barn from the meadow

Slide 89:

Terrace View at Dusk

Slide 90:

Pond side in the Meadow at Dusk

Slide 91:

Queen Ann’s Lace at Dusk in the meadow

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Clark’s Cove – 700 feet + of Waterfront with a peacefulness of times past

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View from the terrace. Sunset reflection view of the pond

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Our views are westerly. Sunsets are quite dramatic

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The unspoiled environment attracts a wide variety of wild life.

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The Inn

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Orchard Suite Cider Suite Two tastefully appointed apartments/ “suites” located off the Grand Room in the Barn. Available nightly or weekly from June 1 through the last Sunday in October. Apartments are heated/air conditioned and have Satellite TV & wireless DSL. $120.00 per night $740.00 per week Tax not included

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The Wedding package comes with both apartments for 2 nights. Many wedding parties use one of the Apartments for last ceremony minute preparation Photograph Courtesy of Metzger Studios –

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The Sitting Room. Views of the Orchard and Cove. This room was recently redone with a random width custom milled floor and new furniture.

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Orchard Apartment – Daily or Weekly May thru October . P rivate deck overlooking orchard & Clark’s Cove, air conditioned, tastefully furnished. Queen size bed Full kitchen Private bath Satellite TV Private lit deck Wireless internet Iron Use of Canoe & kayak Air Conditioning

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The View from The Orchard Suite Deck.

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Cider Apartment – Daily or Weekly – May thru October. Private deck overlooking orchard & water, air conditioned, tastefully furnished.

Slide 103:

Grand Room ( partial view) in Barn. May be used for cocktail hour or buffet .

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Autumn is Apple Season Warm days, cool, crisp nights, perfume of burning wood and apples, sparkling light, Cider, pumpkins, children playing in the orchard. This is Maine in Autumn.

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The Apple Orchard has approximately 500 trees with 27 different varieties of Apples. It blooms in May and our harvest starts the last week of August and ends the last Sunday of October.

Slide 106:

Apple Blossom in Row 8

Slide 107:

Northern Spy in late May

Slide 108:

Apple Season.

Slide 109:

Apple Barn with Country Store & Cider Mill

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The Store is open from 10 am to 6 pm seven days a week from the last Friday in August to the last Sunday in October. Offerings include Apples, cider, Mac Raz cider ( McIntosh and raspberry blend ), homemade pies, baked goods, home made pickles, chutney, relishes, maple & apple syrup, honey and jams and jellies.

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Hay Rides Every Sunday afternoon during Apple Season

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Our newest additions to the Farm. Meet Zoey (left) and Sophie. Their home is behind the Apple Barn They are pets NOT FOOD

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Thank You. We hope you come to visit!

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