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‘Market to Me’Luke : 

‘Market to Me’Luke

Introduction : 

Introduction Musiklab Edinburgh Fringe Festival MBS ‘Social Network Marketing’ Blog PhD in Marketing

‘Social Network Marketing’ : 

‘Social Network Marketing’ 12 In-depth interviews Social network interaction Respondents from Ireland & U.K. Research Questions Attitudes and opinions of Marketing on Social Networks? Attitudes towards TV & Print marketing? If ‘clutter’ exists in social network marketing? :

Why be friends with a brand? : 

Why be friends with a brand?

Receivers Influence & Recall : 

Receivers Influence & Recall Awareness of friends new ‘likes’ Half directly influenced friends ‘Fan’ / ‘Like’= endorsement Forward Marketing Over half recalled last message Most would visit the product page Higher than TV & print

Words That Describe SNM : 

Words That Describe SNM

Slide 8: 

Clutter in SNM Lack of relevance Marketing ‘now part of experience’ Unofficial pages Control Why delete products from network?

In summary... : 

In summary... The Consumer Control Message value Interactivity Personality & personalisation Sense of community Spam Offline activities Termination The Marketer Integration Assess existing noise Presence & personality Message strategy PR contingency plan Attract fans Monitor & adjust

3 Local Examples : 

3 Local Examples Integration = Dignity Bar Personality = Espresso Control = Revolution

Further Reading : 

Further Reading

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