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Mail Backup X is packing some amazing features not only for backing up email database securely but also for email conversion and email backup for multiple email clients running on mac


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The importance of OS X Mail.App Backup Tool with Incremental Email Backup for Apple Mail The incremental backup system allows speedy and accurate backups which ensure that all data in the mailbox is secured. Mail backup X is a preferred OS X mail.app backup that uses an incremental backup technique which is a must have featured in modern backup utilities. If you are still not sure about the benefits of using incremental data backups then the following slides will seek to convenience you otherwise.

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Faster daily email backups When the daily email backup is performed the incremental backup feature which comes with this OS X Mac Mail backup tool quickens the procedure which would otherwise be a long boring process when using Time Machine. This is because Mail Backup X only includes new and updated information on the priority lists for backing up data as opposed to backing up the entire account or the entire Mac system in the case of Time Machine. With faster data processes users have the patience to wait for the backup to complete. Accurate Backups The incremental technique provides accurate backup of your emails since the software aggregates and compiles a list of all files and folders in the mailboxes that have never been backed up before. This ensures that each file gets backed up so there is a much accurate restoration of data. Flexibility Incremental backup gives users the benefit of backing up multiple computer systems in the shortest time possible. Since you are not making a full backup it becomes much easier and faster to complete mail.app OS X backups from one computer to the other. Additionally the incremental feature detects all duplicate data and saves one copy of the backup profile thus making each backup schedule less complicated.

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Mail Backup X provides incremental and backup distribution to various storage media including FTP servers and mountable storage. This makes the application tailored to meet your Apple Mail backup needs.

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