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Automatically backup your emails from apple mail as soon as they arrive in the mail box with the one and only Mail Backup C


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Apple Mail Automated Backup Software:

Apple Mail Automated Backup Software

Apple Mail Automated Backup Software makes work easy:

Apple Mail Automated Backup Software makes work easy The biggest challenge most users face while using Apple Mail is remembering to backup their files and send some recent data to the backup folder. Mail Backup X has lastly solved this issue by facilitating an automatic Apple Mail backup method which allows users to configure a timetable where the app will start the backup/archive process while running in the background.

Features of Apple Mail Automated Backup Tool:

Features of Apple Mail Automated Backup Tool Mail Backup X supports various electronic mail accounts like Mac Outlook , Thunderbird , Entourage , Eudora , Postbox and of course Apple Mail among many other emails. Since we all have numerous accounts, some of which are synced with Apple Mail , This Apple Mail Automatic Backup Utility is very helpful to users can now be able to backup all their emails on the same profile and access the data on the same platform. This feature saves time and simplifies the process of retrieving and accessing old-age data from the archives. Mail backup X also comes with a technologically innovative search module which can quickly research the whole backup folder to retrieve particular information or documents. With the help of the search question, one can just outline the criteria or conditions both in the e-mail address, subject, signature, names or phrases within the content from the info. The application then quickly searches through the folders to extract that particular email or a string of messages related to the search question.

Apple Mail Automated Backups to external locations:

Apple Mail Automated Backups to external locations Locally saved backups and archives are less secured when the system crashes, or you lose the computer. With this tool, however, you can make mirrored backups on exterior storage devices or perhaps on a web-based server using FTP technology. By doing so, you can always remain shielded from damages of any type whether it is data loss or corruption. If it does happen, you can always access data from the archives and backup folders.

Get Mail Backup X Today!:

Get Mail Backup X Today!

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