OS X Mail Account Backup


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MAC MAIL BACKUP SOFTWARE The Mail Backup X is a software for Mac users that allows you to archive and backup your emails across various platforms. It supports email backup from applications that support POP and IMAP services which include Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac, Gmail, Postbox, Yahoo among others. The archived files are stored as PDF files that remain in their original structure making them easy and quick to retrieve and you can print them if you prefer. The Mac Mail Backup software also reduces storage space and safeguards your mail data by using an ultra-high compression algorithm to encrypt data.


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OS X Mail Account Backup:

OS X Mail Account Backup

Different OS X Mail Account Backup Packages Available With The Mail Backup X Application:

Different OS X Mail Account Backup Packages Available With The Mail Backup X Application Mail Backup X comes with various packages. Each package will suit different people depending on how many email accounts need to be backed up. Check out the packages below: Choose from this OS X Mail Account Backup Packages 1. Mail Backup X The basic plan of Mail Backup X can be operated on two computers and supports five mail backup profiles. It comes with one full year of free maintenance. This plan is the best option for home OS X Mail account security backup plan. You can install it on your laptop and an iMac or another family member’s computer.


2. Mail Backup X for Small Businesses This OS X Mail backup account package for small businesses offers data protection for up to 20 users on 20 different workstations. Additionally, each user can set up a maximum of 5 mail backup profiles which might include their work email accounts, personal emails, and shared accounts. This package also comes with a full year free maintenance support should any of the staff run into trouble while using it. 3. Mail backup X for Enterprise The third and the most advanced package is the Enterprise version which is dedicated to serving up to 100 users on 100 computers with each user allowed five mail backup profiles. This package comes with a full year free maintenance updates. Mail Backup X for enterprises is suitable for mid-level and established an organization with a strong workforce and a more active communication channel.

OS X Mail Account Backup Free Trial Version:

OS X Mail Account Backup Free Trial Version If you would like to try out the Mail Backup X application before buying it, You can check out more information on http://www.mailbackupx.com/ don't pass this opportunity to try it out as this utility is the perfect email security tool for every regular mail user.

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