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ShareDocs Enterpriser is one of the best Online Document Solution. It helps you to make your office Paperless.


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What Is ShareDocs Enterpriser Exactly • ShareDocs Enterpriser is a high-tech and secure document management system that lets you create share preserve procure and manage official documents. Taking the Green Initiative forward it helps you make your business go paperless. Its SME-specific modules customizable design and ease of use makes ShareDocs Enterpriser one of the most favored enterprise document management system. Whom Is It Meant For • This solution is meant for large/medium or small size enterprises geographically distributed companies enterprises where business critical information is locked away in physical documents. Capture index and process all documents in one secure place. Drastically increase your team’s productivity cut down paperwork. Streamline the Process Make goals realistic eliminate distractions Bring Everyone on single platform. Make your office Paperless Implement Simple Elegant Enterprise Document Management Solution

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 Some Important Features / Advantages When you start planning for implementation of DMS there are some basic but extremely important features you need in your DMS. Without these features DMS implementation is useless. Shown below are the features / Advantages of ShareDocs Enterpriser Secure Data Management • ShareDocs Enterpriser promises 0 data leakage and secure management of documents. Since it has a provision for hierarchy-specific access every component of the organization is binding to access data only permissible to their role. This reduces the chances of misuse and unauthorized access. Process Consistency • ShareDocs Enterpriser boasts modules with administrator defined patterns due to which document management takes place in a harmonious and disciplined manner. The system follows a uniform criterion due to which consistency is maintained in the long run. Cost Reduction • Accelerated document retrieval faster filing of documents minimum use of manpower reduction in printing distribution and storage time and costs all make ShareDocs Enterpriser a cost-effective document management system. Document Approval and Requisition Handling • Inbuilt document approval and requisition HANDLING modules helps you to make your business 100 “P APERLE S S ”. ShareDocs Enterpriser also allows you unlimited forms processing like different approvals vouchers tasks ETC. OCR: Optical Character Recognition • Inbuilt OCR Engine Enables the application to read the content of every document. This helps the user to search any document with any word from that particular document easily. Document Categorization and Keywords • ShareDocs allows you to create unlimited document categories. You can add document properties as per your requirement. You can also attach keywords to each document which helps you to locate the document in future.

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There are lot more features like Folder hierarchy creation Upload and Download through zip data upload through CSV Unlimited Meta Data creation Document Categorization Adding Notes and Keywords to Document Auto Document Encryption Fastest search Workflow management Requisition Management Active Directory Support Version ControlandManyMore …. Lets try to Understand Some Unique features offered by “ShareDocs Enterpriser……”

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Many times you send a document with attachment to your vendor or client. While sending this attachment out to keep your team members in loop you also keep them in cc. If you are keeping your 5 colleagues in cc you are using your c ompa n y ’ s storage space by five times. It again gets doubled when backup is being taken in your company. To avoid this wastage of space ShareDocs Enterpriser has a unique feature. Instead of sharing the complete file you can just share the link of the file. Even if the receiver is not logged in DMS he can view the document and download only if it is required. The link and the file gets automatically encrypted when being sent. Stop Sending attachments to your colleagues just share a Link of Document

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ShareDocs Enterpriser provides you a dashboard which displays the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives consolidated and arranged on a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance. You can Drill-down on coordinated/linked charts and reports you can also do Visual querying of coordinated charts and reports Visual "What if" analysis. The end user is provided with sliders to manipulate select values and see the immediate impact of the changes. Interactive Dashboard

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ShareDocs Enterpriser provides you ability to convert all your workflows and on paper approvals to paperless processes. Just Create a DataClass add fields to it define roles define your approval steps and get relaxed. The document and additional data will keep on moving online from one person to another as per predefined process. You can use the same functionality for document approvals requisitions management surveys ETC. Workflow–Requisitions Management

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ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with “Univ er sa l File V i e w er ” which can open almost every document type in your browser within the application. You don’t need to buy additional software licenses for the users who just need to read the file. This brings all your document types on a single platform and makes document management easy. Universal File Viewer

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Where my Documents are actually saved Question • All the documents which are uploaded to DMS are stored in a central repository on a server. Nothing is stored on your local system. What is Metadata or Dataclass Question • Metadata or Dataclass in DMS is a set of additional document properties which gets stored with document. It helps you to search and retrieve your document quickly. Does the Search in the DMS searches inside the document Question • Yes if your Version is E-Office when you are uploading the document the system performs OCR in the background and while performing search it searches in the content of document. What is version Control in DMS Question • It is possible that today you have uploaded document in DMS over a period of time it gets revised. You will certainly want to keep latest version as default you need to keep the older version also. DMS provides you this facility. What type of documents I can upload in DMS Question • You can upload almost all type of standard document types like MS Word Excel PowerPoint pdf files JPEG files video files. ShareDocs En t erp ris er ’ s Inbuilt Universal file viewer enables you to view almost any type of file in a browser without any additional installation. How will I make my office Paperless with ShareDocs Enterpriser Question • Scan your existing document upload them to ShareDocs Enterpriser in categorized and indexed format. Start using ShareDocs functionalities for your internal approvals workflow management and file sharing. Eventually you d on’t need Paper in your office. Does it support multiple locations Question • Yes if your locations are on intranet or accessible through VPN all your files are accessible from any of your location. What security is offered by ShareDocs Question • File access rights are controlled as per defined role in DMS. Every document which is being uploaded to DMS gets encrypted and cannot be viewed outside of DMS unless the user has a right to download the same in native format. Frequently Asked Questions…

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