The Perfect Body Care Routine

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Read these tips for the perfect body care routine.


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The Perfect Body Care Routine Taking care of your body is as important as taking care of your face. With the hype around skincare in today’s day and age taking care of your body has taken a backseat. Brands are introducing tons of products for the face giving little or no attention to the body. Only a handful of brands have good quality products suitable for the body. Our body especially knees and elbows go through a lot of ups and downs during the day. They are constantly scratched on table surfaces chair handles our denim etc. Apart from that because we do not pay a lot of attention to our arms and legs they tend to show signs of deterioration quickly. Our knees and elbows start getting dry and dark our arms and legs become flaky and dry. Check out: How to get rid of dark knees Today let us have a look at some tips for the perfect body care routine: 1. Cleanse – Just like it is important for you to clean your face every day it is important for you to clean your arms and legs daily. They go through a lot of stress during the day and deserve to be rested once you are back home. It is one of the top tips for how to lighten dark knees. 2. Moisturise – Nothing is more important than keeping your hands and legs moisturised. Moisturisation will ensure that your body stays soft and supple. It is also a piece of primary advice on how to get rid of dark knees. 3. Sunscreen – Do not forget to apply sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body while heading out. As much as your face your body is equally susceptible to sunburn. Applying sunscreen is a popular remedy given by top dermatologists. 4. Yoghurt – Yoghurt is an amazing home remedy for pigmentation. If you are suffering from dark knees elbows or armpits apply yoghurt on these areas once a day – another popular remedy for how to lighten dark knees. Remember to follow these steps to maintain soft and supple skin all over your body. Apart from yoghurt a few other superb natural ingredients are honey aloe vera potato etc.

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