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Internal communication :

Internal communication Presented by, Sneha and Mahak

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Refined definition:

Refined definition ‘Internal communication is corporate level of information provided to all employees and concurrent provision of opportunities for all employees to have a say about important matters that is taken seriously by line and senior management.’


importance Increased productivity Higher probability of achieving organizational goals More effective and responsive customer services Reduce day to day conflict between the team members Smart decision making on all levels

Types of internal communication :

Types of internal communication Formal communication Horizontal communication Vertical communication Diagonal communication Informal communication

Formal communication:

Formal communication Written or oral Prescribed path Organizational message Deliberated efforts

Formal communication :

Formal communication Horizontal communication Vertical communication Diagonal communication

Informal communication :

Informal communication Formation trough mutual interest Uncertain path Possibility of distortion Quick feedback

Tools of internal communication:

Tools of internal communication Ciculras Memos Office notes Represenatations Reminders Employees newsletter

Circulars :

Circulars A circular is a formal message, which is sent to no. of person. They are usually (duplicate) or printed with a space left for the addresses are written or typed in those spaces. It is different from a memo or notices. A circulars are written in the context of business to announce. The purchase of an existing business by an individual or organization. The establishment of a new business. The granting or obtaining of an agency.




memorandums A memorandum is considered “inside” correspondence. It is written to someone in your company for, To Inquire To Inform To Report To Remind To Transmit




REminder Formal document Letter for reminding something Can be sent to group or individulal Send by the administrative body



Official notes:

Official notes Office notes are a means of horizontal communication. They are exchanged between officers of equal rank or between departments of an organization. They are used to obtain or convey information and suggestion. The format/layout of office notes may vary from company to company.


sample RAJAN INDUSTRIES LTD Date: March 10, 2009 Ref.No:……………......... From: Stores Deptt. To: All Departments. Subject: Stock-taking for the year ending 31.03.2009 The stocktaking for the purpose of closing the accounts for the year ending 31.03.2009 will begin on 30.03.2009.All departments are advised to draw their requirements latest by 28.03.2009. The Stores Department would not be able to make supplies to the customers also on 31 st March, 2009. Rajesh Agarwal Stores Manager Copy to: All Departments


representaion Employee representation or participation arises when employees are part of a formal structure for involving them in the decision-making process of an organisation. Make employees' views known to management Help strengthen both management's and employees' understanding of workplace issues and other matters affecting the business Help create an atmosphere of mutual trust between employees and management and therefore improve workplace relations.


EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER  is a  magazine  or periodical  published by a company for its customers or its employees. This name derives from the use of "organ" as referring to a periodical for a special interest group. also variously known as an  in-house magazine ,  in-house publication ,  house journal ,  shop paper ,  plant paper , or  employee magazine an external house organ is meant for consumption by the customers of the company, and may be either a free regular newsletter, or an actual commercial product in its own right.



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