Save Thousands of Dollars While Buying and Selling Homes


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Magnolia Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage servicing Maryland and Washington DC. Our goal is to help home buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals while keeping as much equity as possible.


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Save Thousands of Dollars While Buying and Selling Homes with Realtor Rebate Magnolia Realty Home Buyer Rebates

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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we make and hence it becomes important for us to make all sorts of research before making the final decision. And if you wish to save a significant amount of money then taking help of genuine and experienced realtors is highly recommended as most of them offer generous realtor rebate. So you need to search for those real estate agents who offer you the best realtor rebate so that you can save more on your home purchase. Because most realtors do not offer a rebate. There are some who do but very little companies offer rebates around the 2%. Few Things to Know About Realtor Rebate What is realtor rebate? Realtor rebates are cash incentives offered to buyers or sellers by the realtors that help them complete the sale. Or we can say a realtor rebate is where the Real Estate Company or Agent lists your home and offers a reduction in commission or money back in the form of rebate to the buyer or seller at closing. How these realtor rebates work? Realtor rebates are offered by real estate agents to encourage home buyer and sellers to use their services. These rebates can be in the form of closing cost payments, including credits to cover home inspections, appraisals etc, a cash payment post settlement when allowed by the lender in situations where the purchase is financed or a reduction of the purchase price by the amount of the reduced commission. Cash purchases do not require lender approval.

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What benefits the home buyers and sellers get from these rebates? Realtor rebates help home buyers and sellers save several thousands of dollars in a single transaction. For an instance, if your real estate agent is getting paid a 3% commission then he or she will offer a refund of about one-third of his or her commission to the buyer or seller. Are these realtor rebates legal? Realtor rebates are legal in most of the states in the US. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, forty states allow real estate agents to give rebates to their clients. But as the real estate regulations keep changing time to time the buyers and sellers must check the website of the U.S. Department of Justice for latest information on the legalities of realtor rebates. Do realtor rebates apply to all types of homes? Realtor rebates make home buying or selling more affordable for you. You can take the best advantage of these rebates when buying or selling a family home, condo, vacation home, townhome or any other type of property and save a significant amount. But to save more you need to look for a real estate agent or company offering the best rebates in your area.

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Contact us: Magnolia Realty Home Buyer Rebates Address: 17604 Parkridge Dr, Gaithersburg, Maryland Phone: 301-775-0175 Country: USA Email - Web - Conclusion Magnolia Realty owned by Aya Netanel is a real estate company in Maryland that offers a realtor rebate of around 2.11%. To know more visit

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