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Unique Volta magnetic charger connects with the powerful magnet that basically just connects itself with the 2x N52 Magnetism to the tip of the charger.


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Boon For People: Volta Magnetic Charger Chances are that you have broken at least one charger in your life. No matter how delicately you kept your chargers there is always one that broke in the first week or so. Half of the time it is the cable that gives up other times it was the pin that died on you. How many times have we all went to the Apple store and got the new charging kelvar cable or left reviews asking the company to make the cables more durable. The most common issue that seems to be with the charger cables is the splitting of cable insulation near the ends exposing the wire. This happens when cable is pulled while it is connected and is aggravated when the cable is placed in the bag without being properly wrapped. Whatever the situation might be what we all need are strong cables so that they can go through the assault.

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It seems that through Apple might not listen to the pleas of thousands of users many other technological companies have seen this as an opportunity. Companies such as Volta have come up to provide people what they cannot get from the multinationals like Apple. The requirement of chargers that offer durability and resilience are much more required than the chargers that break after a few months and have to be constantly replaced. Volta magnetic charger has offered to the masses what they needed from the beginning of Apple iPhones – sturdy durable charger and cable. The innovative technique used by the company is above par with other organization present in the same field. Want to know the best part This pioneering gadget can be used to power not one but numerous devices. Apple Android tablet and even your game console you can power them all up with this one charger. Along with the regular cable breakage another problem that people face is the USB connection. No matter how many times we try a USB won’t fit the slot unless it is shrewdly observed and flipped three times. This means that whenever we try to place the USB in the slot we’ll have to keep an eye on the USB and make sure that it fits. Volta magnetic charger has a solution to this problem too. Volta has created the reversible Type A USB which means that you can fit the USB in the slot any way you want. You can connect instantly anytime and every time without any problem. This means no more guesswork while connecting the cable. Volta has set the standards for USB connectors Wouldnt you rather join the train Get your Volta magnetic charger in the following colours: Black Rose Gold Silver and Pink.

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