Magliner Equipment That Your Package Delivery Business Needs

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When a hand truck or platform truck is not sufficient, your business can use a Magliner U-boat cart. With over 70 years of experience, Magliner products are legendary in the material moving business. Magliner U-boat carts are made with durability and quality in mind, able to handle heavy loads with ease over long distances. The non-marking casters protect your warehouse floor while easily maneuvering around tight spaces. Stow a U-boat cart in a van or on the warehouse floor, and empower your employees to stock and deliver products safely and efficiently.


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Magliner Equipment That Your Package Delivery Business Needs Starting your own package delivery business requires equipment. While it’s possible to start just with an address and transportation to scale up you’ll need equipment to move packages around quickly and easily. With over 70 years of experience Magline’s reliable durable easy- to-use products such as their classic hand trucks are ideal for moving packages around. Hand Trucks Magliner hand trucks are legendary and come with industry-leading durability. Keeping a Magliner hand truck in a delivery vehicle allows a single employee to quickly and safely move a stack of packages. These qualities make hand trucks one of the greatest labor-saving devices in the material handling industry. Hand trucksare a workhorse for delivery employees and every delivery vehicle should store one. Platform Trucks Moving cartons and containers can be back-breaking work. Magliner platform trucks empower employees to move heavy loads with ease. Made with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered for optimum strength-to-weight ratio platform trucks can transport hundreds of pounds of cartons around your warehouse safely. The platform truck will likely be a staple tool

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of your storeroom and prove invaluable to your employees. Using platform trucks is also a safety measure as employees will not suffer undue strain from moving each box individually. U-Boat Carts As your new business grows more packages will come in for delivery. To scale up consider Magliner U-boat carts for moving cargo in bulkin a sorting or loading facility. Made of lightweight aluminum and engineered for durability and longevity U-boat carts carry up to four times the load of a typical hand truck. Warehouse employees can offload and sort more packages for delivery in less time. With a larger size and more wheels the U-boat cart can also carry heavier loads than platform trucks or hand trucks. Part of this is due to having more room to load more weight compared to a platform truck. With six wheels U-boat carts can handle long distances and uneven terrain. Other go-to items that your package delivery business may need include curb ramps and accessory bags to hold handheld devices. For more information on equipment for your package delivery company visit

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