Why Magliner Equipment Is a Must for Successful Festivals

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For over 70 years, Magline has been designing and producing some of the sturdiest, most reliable material handling equipment in the industry. They are so well-known for their classic hand cart selection that many people simply refer to their hand cart or dolly as a “Magliner,” no matter what the actual brand it may be. Magliner hand carts can help with any job moving loads. If your business regularly moves loads up flights of stairs, choose a stair climbing cart. If you need a lightweight solution for moving boxes of supplies from a truck to storage, a traditional hand cart will save employees time and energy. If your business needs to move materials, Magliner products are ready to help.


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Why Magliner Equipment Is a Must for Successful Festivals Magliner equipment is generally associated with heavy labor. In fact Magliners are so closely linked with material handling that many people use “Magliner” as a catch-all shorthand for any hand truck or stair climbing cart. It takes a pretty impressive level of durability and reliability to get that kind of professional recognition. That trustworthy sturdiness of equipment proves a boon to any undertaking not just traditional material handling work. Magliner equipment is perfect for setting up running and breaking down festivals. Carrying Heavy Festival Equipment Whether it’s a traditional hand truck or a U-boat Magliner equipment is incredibly helpful for moving pretty much anything that a festival needs. Speakers stage pieces scaffolding lighting equipment even bulk refreshments. If you’re a vendor at a festival you can transport the shelter or enclosure you’re using and your stock using a dependable Magliner. Setting Up an Outdoor Festival A Magliner can also be used for outdoor shelters moving tents tent poles and anything else necessary for sheltered enclosures big and small. Additionally there are motorized Magliner hand trucks that can be equipped with a tent-erecting attachment. Typically the large central supporting tent poles or posts can be incredibly tough to set up and require several people cooperating to do so. But with a Magliner it’s a snap. Likewise they make festival teardown considerably less work.

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Operating a Smoothly Running Beer Garden What’s a festival without a beer garden Magline has worked with the craft brewing and distilling industries for years and is an associate member of the Brewers Association. This connection with the craft brewing industry has resulted in a suite of Magline equipment specially designed for beer and keg handling. One of the most convenient among that suite is Magliner keg handling hand trucks. They feature a curved back keg-accommodating platform and can be fitted with a keg hook to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of kegs. Moving Band and Entertainment Gear Efficiently As popular and fun as music festivals are not all of the acts playing at them are lucky enough to have roadies to cart their equipment. Festivals often have tight stage schedules that require each act to set up and tear down quickly. Musical equipment—instruments and the accompanying amplifiers cables soundboards and so on—can be heavy bulky and unwieldy. Magliner makes transporting musical equipment a breeze. Less time spent hauling means more time spent playing happier festival guests and a smooth schedule. Bring Magliners to every party and festival for smooth setup and breakdown. The trusted material handling brand has been in business for over 70 years offering everything you need to move your cargo from traditional hand trucks to walk behind forklift options. Learn more about the Magliners your festival needs at https://www.magliner.com

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