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A few slides to get you over the registration process


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Register for a Twitter account IA

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Use Twitter to tell “the world” about the challenges you face as a subject advisor/teacher Go to (or type it into the address bar) Click on “Sign up now” I ACTIVITY Get ready to start a learning journey……..

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Type in your: Full names(Twitter is about real people!) Username (Make it relevant) Password (choose something that you will remember) E-mail address Type the code accurately Click onCreate my account Peter Pumpkin Peterp ************* Newins spondent You can skip the next few twitter screens, and get straight into twittering or….

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This feature makes it easy to find your friends if you have a Gmail/Yahoo/ AOL e-mail account Click on your provider (eg Gmail) Enter you Gmail address and password Continue What if I do not have a Gmail, Yahoo or AOL e-mail? Tick your friends that you want to follow Click follow Click on …..

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Do not follow anybody who you have not checked out first- click on Skip this step You do not have to follow the tweople presented here…. I am not a sheep

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Click on Settings Fill in your real name otherwise we will not be able to find you! Your username and e-mail should be filled in already Change your time zone to(GMT+2) Pretoria Fill in your web/blog address or ( One line Bio: A little about who you are Location: District + Town Click on Save Peter Pumpkin Mathematics subject advisor Pretoria South Africa

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Go ahead, tell us about the problems and challenges you face as a teacher/subject advisor. Remember you only have 140 characters! Update your status! If you cannot say it in 140 characters, feel free to do a few tweets…….tweet ……tweet…….. You cannot POSSIBLY have THAT many problems now can you??? You can add a marker (#hashtag) to make your tweet searchable

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This e-torial was developed by maggiev for the Department of Education for use by subject advisors and teachers in South Africa All e-turials can be found on the Thutong portal: Follow some tweets:

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