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This slideshare aims to assist South African teachers to upload resources to the maths literacy community of practice on NING at


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Sharing resources How to upload, download and tag resources in the South African maths literacy community at

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A community of practice is not only about sharing resources. It is about… Giving feedback Helping one another Sharing information Sharing best practices Is it just about the resources? Don’t just take ? Giving may take you on a learning pathway…….. Reflection (so that we can learn over each other’s shoulders) How did my learners cope with a resource? What problems did the resource pose? What can I do to make it better? Is the thinking levels right?

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Click on the Forum tab at the top Click on Add a discussion We will use the discussion forum not only for general discussions but also to upload or link to resources All resources should be discussed! That way we can learn about the resource and add to our knowledge base! How do I upload resources?

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Click in the Discussion title window Always start typing with New Resource: And a descriptive name eg My investigation for Gr 10 Your tile is very important! A good title will make it easier for others to find your resource! New resource: My investigation for Gr 10 What do I put in the Discussion title?

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Click in the Post window Give a little description of what the resource is all about You can also add some helpful info like: How the learners coped with the resource Your own reflection I know this seems time consuming but it will contribute to our understanding of the resource and will help us to learn from one another! New resource: My investigation for Gr 10 What do I put Post window? This is a statistics investigation that I gave my kids. I asked them to …. They all seem to cope very well but…. I am worried that…..thinking levels……. Any feedback?

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Click in the arrow next to the Category window In the dropdown window, choose Resources Categories will also assist us to know that this is indeed a new resource that has been uploaded. Make sure to classify all new resources or links to resources under the Resources category! What is a category? Categories divides the discussion content into clearly defined areas

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Tags are keywords that best describe the resource. It makes it possible for us to search for anything on the internet. The more tags you assign to a resource the easier it will be to find it! Click in tag window Add the keywords that best describe the resource eg Gr10,LO4, AS4.2.1 ,investigation, money, “cell phones”, TL3, TL4 Separate the tags using commas and put phrases (more than 1 word) in inverted commas What are tags? Think about how YOU would find the resource again Gr10,LO4, AS4.2.1 ,investigation, money,

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The grade (gr10 gr11 gr12) The learning outcome (LO1 LO2 LO3 LO4) What kind of assessment task/ resource is it? (use the plural) Tests Exams Investigations Projects Lessonplans Topics/context: money, “cell phones”, BMI , “soccer world cup”, “shoe shop”, building, painting, population, baking ……. Thinking level: TL1, TL2, TL3 TL4 DoE or IEB The month of writing (eg November, July) What are good tags to use? Try to be as comprehensive as possible!

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The discussion forum makes it possible for you to upload 3 files at a time! Click in the Attach file(s) window Click on the Browse button – a File upload window will open up Navigate to where the file that you want to upload is located Double click on folders Double click on the file that you want to upload Click on Add discussion How do I upload the file? Please attach assessment tools (memo/rubric) along with your task…..

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Click on the Resources tab at the top ( or the shared resources link on the side of the main page) Click on the. Resources discussions button. It will take you to the resource category discussions Scroll down and look for an applicable resource discussion Click on the attached resource It will open up the “Save As” window ?Save it in a folder on your computer How do I download uploaded resources? Resource Discussions You can also use the search window on the top right of your screen

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Click on the Resources tab at the top ( or the shared resources link on the side of the main page) Click on the tag in the tag cloud that you want. It will open up in Diigo Click on the resource (which will be fetched from where it was tagged (eg the ml community network- so make sure you sign in) How do I use tag clouds to download a resource? We are working on a searchable database – hang in there! Any volunteers to help? We are using a Bookmarking system called Diigo to tag all our resources and have created a dedicated group for it. It makes it very searchable and easy to keep track of. Tagged resources

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Click on the Resources tab at the top. Scroll through the feeds in the widget window Click on the resource in the feed (which will be fetched from where it was tagged eg the resource discussion forum) It will either open the resource or open the discussion where the resource is attached How do I use the feed reader to see all the resources? A feed is a collection of new entries (posts) from a site. A feed reader makes it possible for me to see the latest posts

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I don’t know what makes me share other than a real belief in helping each other, gaining ideas from each other and not reinventing the wheel every day which is just plain stupid- work smart, we don’t get paid enough to do it in any other way.I have also benefited so much from others sharing. Alison Dewar Community member Sharing resources

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