A Journey to The Beginning of Magento 2


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Get more closer with some exciting features of Magento 2. Transform your business and get benefited by Magento 2 Development ! You can have briefly look at here : http://www.ecomextension.com/magento-2-development.html


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Ecomextension Magento 2.0 Development Meet Magento 2.0 Explore the Features !

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Magento 2 is the Best Open-Source Ecommerce Platform. It is based on PHP. On November 17, 2015, Magento 2 was Launched. Ecomextension

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Magento 2 is More Attractive and Optimized Better for User Experience. It can be Stable and Extensible Solution for Ecommerce Across the Globe. Ecomextension

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Magento 2 Technology Stack: Ecomextension

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Ecomextension Get the Concept of “ Shopping at Fingerprints ” More Closely with Fascinating Features of Magento 2!

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H igh Performance , Efficiency and E ase of use . The list of unparalleled features makes  Magento 2  the best platform to develop your online store. Ecomextension

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Why Upgrade ? What Should be Considered ? Hire A Developer ? Magento1.X Magento2.0 Ecomextension

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Magento Expertise Knowledge and Skills Here are The Factors Y ou S hould M easure W ith T he Developers Confidentiality Communication Transparency Experienced eCommerce 24X7 Support Ecomextension

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Magento 2.0 Features Ecomextension

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jQuery JavaScript F ramework Easy Frontend Development Higher P erformance Compatible to Even More Popular Platforms Ecomextension

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Component O riented A rchitecture Directories Structure Improved Customization Upgrade Cost and Efforts R eduction Ecomextension

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Improved Engagement With Community Magento UI L ibrary New Structure and Layout Elements CSS Preprocessing Ecomextension

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No P rototypes Great UX Ecomextension

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Ecomextension We Would Like to Hear From You www.ecomextension.com/magento-2-development.html

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