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Magento ecommerce Gamification Extension is designed to make the shopping process more entertaining and add some hidden motivators for customers to visit your website. Read more at


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M agento eCommerce Gamification


O verview ‘ Gamification ’, still an unknown term for a lot of people in eCommerce industry, actually turns out to be one of the best keys to unlock the problem of low engagement and conversion rate .


G amification Survey In this modern age, no one has got time to fill up the surveys that way. In order to gather information from the shoppers using the standardized procedures, we have developed survey extension .


G amification Survey Magento eCommerce gamification extension lets us ask same questions to a large number of people in the same way in the structured format. This Brainvire Survey extension provides you with an easy interface to generate questions and answers as well as analyze and manage the Magento store.


G amification 'Gamification' apps is the ultimate way to engage a new generation of Audiences.


Dynamic real time discountingon product and category pages and category pages Prompted Coupon based discounts F eatures of Gamification


Best suggestion based on customer browsing history. Email subscription for best offers. F eatures of Gamification


F eatures of Gamification Real time chat Easy to setup & Easy to install Abide by standard Magento practices


' G amification' is not a game.


' G amification' of apps is the ultimate way to engage a new generation of audiences.


' G amification' allows consumers to have fun, get useful information & encourages them to share it with their friends.


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