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By Dr. Magda Madkour  Dr. Magda’s Profile Magda at IT4ALL Global Exchange July 2010 Online Collaboration Using Web 2.0 Individual Contribution to Teamwork Template design by Guild Design Inc

Team Goals : 

Team Goals Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus3 Online Etiquette Impact of Web2.0 on Education Enhancing Team Discussions using Web2.0 tools such as Skype . Focus 1 How To Connect Focus 2How To Impact Focus3 How to Enhance Individual Contributions focused on Three Goals

Web 2.0 : 

Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is online applications to facilitate collaboration, interactive information sharing, and interoperability. Web 2.0 tools include web-based communities, and hosted services

Web2.0 Collaboration Tools : 

Web2.0 Collaboration Tools Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, delicious, Wikis, Windosw Live, MySpace, Blogs, Ning, LinkdIn, Dimdim , and WikiEducator, are effective tools to enhance motivation, teamwork, and active learning.

Web 2.0 Presentation Tools : 

Web 2.0 Presentation Tools YouTube, Flickr, VoiceThread, Voki, MovieMaker, Xtranormal, MediaShre, Slide Share, AuthorStream, SnapVine, SpringNote, and Podcast, and blipTv, are used to share and present information and projects. Blending these tools provides many opportunities for students to become active and independent learners.

Individual Contributions Report1 : 

Individual Contributions Report1 Discussions about the advantages of using Web 2.0 collaboration tools, and I posted a video that provides some hints on best practice for these collaboration tools. Discussing social networking, its advantages and disadvantages and how to stay safe on line. Discussing the Online Etiquette and I created a wiki in the team sandbox to share individual experiences.

Individual Contributions Report2 : 

Individual Contributions Report2 Providing a website about GroupSpaces tools to learn how to manage group work online. Sharing examples and different online collaboration tools and various platforms such as MicrosoftShare Point, and Google Docs. Sharing a video about GroupWare to explain how team members can define teamwork, communicate, prioritize, and evaluate their work while they are active online.

Individual Contributions Report3 : 

Individual Contributions Report3 Discussing conflicts of teamwork, their symptoms, and resolutions through watching this video. Sharing discussions in Team B sandbox, Forum, Wiki, and SkyPe, including a video about GoogleWave Sharing videos about how to create and use Wikis, Blogs, and Websites. Sharing Tutorial Videos about how to use Wordle , WallWisher , and Xtranormal

Contributions to Team Project : 

Sharing Writing the Course Introduction Team Charter and Course Template at Google Docs Sharing Learning Activities and Resources Using Audio and Video Tools 4 1 2 3 Contributions to Team Project

Using Jing Web 2.0 Tool to Capture Team Moodle Project : 

Using Jing Web 2.0 Tool to Capture Team Moodle Project

Goals Achieved : 

Goals Achieved Using Forums, Wikis, Assignment, and sandbox Using Sandbox Wiki , Google Blogger, Skype, Podcast, Springnote, Wallwisher, Wordle, and Xtranormal Using authorstream, Tv plib Voicethread, Voki, Xtranormal, Youube, abd Mediashare. Knowledge and Skills Moodle Modules Web 2.o Collaboration Web 2.0 Interaction

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Web 2.0 Moodle Connect Online Present Online Acquiring the skills of Using Web 2.0 and the skills of using Moodle modules teachers and students can enjoy the online classrooms.

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