Prayer to Mary by San Ildefonso


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Prayer taken from the saint's book: De Virginitate S. Mariae...


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This English translation of the Prayer To Mary is not an official translation. I just translated it roughly from the Spanish version. Thanks. - Fr. Cris M, sdb

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PRAYER TO MARY by San Ildefonso de Toledo : 

PRAYER TO MARY by San Ildefonso de Toledo taken from his De virginitate S. Mariae contra tres infideles

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I come to you, the unique Virgin and Mother of God. Before you I prostrate myself, the unique One in whom the Incarnation of my God was made. I humble myself before the unique One who is the Mother of my Lord.

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I beg you, as the handmaid of your Son that you allow me to consecrate myself to you and to God, to be your servant and the servant of your Son, to serve you and your Lord:

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To Him as my Creator and to you as the Mother of our Creator; To Him as the Lord of all virtues and to you as the Handmaid of the Lord of all things; To Him as God and to you as the Mother of God;

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I am your servant and my Lord is your Son. You are my Lady because you are the Handmaid of my Lord.

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Grant me, especially this, O Jesus God, Son of God, to believe in the childbirth of the Virgin that completes my faith in your Incarnation; to speak of the virginal motherhood that fills my lips of your praises; to love in your Mother, what you grant me with your love;

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to serve your Mother, in such a way that you recognize that I am serving you; to live under your governance, to be pleasing to you; to be in the world governed by Her whose dominion leads me to my Lord in eternity.

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I pray, as a docile instrument in the hands of my High God, to grant me my request to be bound to the Virgin Mother with a bond of devoted servitude and to live serving her continuously!

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I, the servant of her Son, desire that She will be my Lady; in order to be in the kingdom of her Son, I want to serve Him through her; in order to prove that I am a servant of God, I seek the testimony of the dominion of Mary over me;

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in order to serve Him who in eternity generated the Son, I desire to serve faithfully He whom God has generated as Man.

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Thus the duties of a Servant is oriented to the service of the Lord; what is rendered to the Mother is rendered to the Son; what one receives that nourishes, ends in the one who is nourishing,

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and the honor that the servant renders to the Queen comes to be rendered to the King.

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For this reason, I sing to my Lady the song of my joy to the Mother of the Lord. I exult with the Handmaid of the Lord, who is the Mother of my Creator and I rejoice with her in whom the Word has become flesh.

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Thanks to the Virgin I trust in the death of this Son of God and I hope that my salvation and my joy, that come from God, may not diminish, now and for all times and in eternity, for centuries to centuries.



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