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Presentation Skills Receptive And Expressive Communication Skills Harmanjeet Singh Rajat T iwari Vaibhav Sahdev Mayank Taggar Faculty- Mr Praveen Kumar 5 MAE 1 2012-2016


A  presentation  is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. It is typically a demonstration, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, or build good will. The term can also be used for a formal or ritualized introduction or offering, as with the presentation of a  debutante.


Key components Context Where and to whom will you be delivering your presentation Presenter Controls the presentation and communicates with the audience Audience The audience are the receivers of the message being conveyed Message What is being delivered to the audience. The message may be verbal And non verbal.


Reaction The reaction depends on whether the message was effectively delivered Method Usually delivered direct to an audience. But video conferencing Is also utilized over distances. Impediments A presenter must be prepared for different factors that can influence the effectiveness of the message. Such as background noises, audience alertness, and other distractions.


SLIDES -KEEP IT SIMPLE Take time on one slide Not too much text Use graphs instead of tables Make sure text can be read Use color combinations that work Avoid distracting animations and backgrounds


Basic steps INTRODUCTION - tell them what you are going to say SUBSTANCE OF PRESENTATION - convey your message/ information SUMMARY - tell them what you said QUESTIONS - invite audience to ask questions


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