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Hovercraft Presentation : 

Hovercraft Presentation Presented By: MOD NARAYAN JHA

Objectives : 

Objectives Build a working, autonomous hovercraft Complete the course, even if it takes all the allotted time. Maximize maneuverability of the hovercraft Make the lightest and most cost efficient hovercraft possible

Our Subgroups : 

Our Subgroups Programming: Justin Coe, Kyle Dick Skirt and Body: Curtis Sharkey, Josh Balsam, Justin Hanacek Propulsion: Stefan Swan, Smita Patel, Anakizi Ackla

Programming : 

Programming Assignments To learn how to program the RCX using robolab Determine optimal type and position of sensor on hovercraft Create efficient algorithm Coordinate the use of the sensors and fans to steer the hovercraft

Skirt and Body : 

Skirt and Body Assignments: Design and build a durable and lightweight body and skirt Find the best placement of parts Use cost efficient materials Create a leak free seal to the body of hovercraft

Lift and Propulsion : 

Lift and Propulsion Assignments: Choose the adequate placement of fans Find powerful yet efficient fans to propel the hovercraft Find reversible fans Determine the best methods to power the fans

Group Networking : 

Group Networking Programming and Propulsion Need to cooperate to combine programs controlling hovercraft with the methods we choose to propel it. Skirt & Body and Propulsion Need to interact so we know where we can choose and place the different parts All groups will collaborate and talk so everyone knows what is going on

Group Communication : 

Group Communication E-mail Instant Messaging/Chat Room In Class During Discussions Weekly Meetings Teléfono

Structural Base : 

Structural Base

Method of Sealing the Skirt : 

Method of Sealing the Skirt

Preliminary Model : 

Preliminary Model

Preliminary Model Distribution of Weight : 

Preliminary Model Distribution of Weight

Our Wish List : 

Our Wish List RCX Lexan (for the base material) Rubber (car inner tube or thin material for skirt) Battery Holder (for 8 double AA’s) 2 axial fans 1 lift fan Relays Zener Diodes (6) LED’s Wire

Credits : 

Credits Justin Hanacek: Typed up PowerPoint, helped create PowerPoint, presented PowerPoint Josh Balsam: Made CAD designs, helped create PowerPoint Stefan Swan: Helped Create PowerPoint, Presented Powerpoint Smita Patel: Helped Create PowerPoint, Presented PowerPoint Justin Coe: Helped Create PowerPoint Kyle Dick: Helped Create Powerpoint Anakizi Ackla: Helped Create PowerPoint Curtis Sharkey: Helped Create Powerpoint

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