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Dhanuskodi lies in the southern tip of the Rameswaram. The word Dhanushkodi actually implies " tip of the bow". This staggering spot is circumscribed by inlet of Bengal ocean on one side and Indian sea on the other, at the very tip of Dhanushkodi one can see the consolidating purpose of the oceans Indian sea (An ocean with high tides) and cove of Bengal (the low tide ocean), this point is named as "Arichal munai". Before the 1964 tempest Dhanushkodi is a swarmed and occupied city. At show Dhanuskodi is a phantom town (Declared as apparition town by government after this common catastrophe) with the number of inhabitants in around 500 (few anglers and their families as yet dwelling there).


Dhanushkodi was until a couple of years back an awesome sanctuary on the southern tip of India. In any case, because of a characteristic disaster, the tornado, it escaped.


It holds the benefit of being on an island and is stunningly secured by waters on all the four sides of it. It is sandwiched between the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. At the point when seen from a feathered creatures eye,The oceans are in the state of bow and bolt. The arrow point is thought to be a hallowed place for revere by the Hindus and individuals from distant locations abroad come there to offer holy supplications to the divinity. Ruler Rama has his devout foot checks in this sanctuary and the entire story of Ramayana rotates around this sanctuary island. It is a great explorer put for the supporters of Lord Rama. The place is a rough of 18 kms from Rameshwaram and one can without much of a stretch go by street.


Dhanuskodi town can be come to from rameshwaram by means of jeeps and transports. Numerous traveler jeaps keep running from Rameshwaram to Dhanuskodi town. To achieve Dhanuskodi shoreline, visitors are required to either go by jeeps or vans. There is not street to the shoreline so they need to go on sandy way itself. A few travelers additionally likes to stroll up to the shoreline .


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