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TRADE UNION Presented by Varshitha.N.Raj

Meaning ::

Meaning : Dale Yoder – “ A continuing long term association of employees, formed and maintained for specific purpose of advancing and protecting the interest of the members in their working relationship”

Characteristics ::

Characteristics : Association either of employers or employees or independent workers Permanent combination Securing economic benefits Constantly changing Influenced by number of ideologies

Why do workers join trade unions ?:

Why do workers join trade unions ? To attain economic security Improve their bargaining power and balance with management Ventilate workers grievances Inform workers view Secure protection – illness, accidents etc Satisfy social and psychological needs Secure power

Functions ::

Functions : Militant or protective or intra-mural functions Fraternal or extra-mural functions Social functions Political functions Ancillary functions – Communication Welfare activities Education research

Principles to regulate Trade Union functions ::

Principles to regulate Trade Union functions : Doctrine of vested interest Doctrine of supply and demand Doctrine of living wage Doctrine of partnership Doctrine of socialism

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