Tips for creating winning landing pages for your ad campaigns

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Many people run PPC ads but still they are not able to generate sufficient leads due to ineffective landing pages which further makes the website less user-friendly. So in order to generate a good amount of leads, one needs to work on creating effective landing pages.


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Tips for creating winning landing pages for your ad campaigns Your campaign receives plenty of clicks but does not have any conversions What if the problem is not your content or budget but the landing page Have you given much thought to it Do not worry youre not alone. Many advertisers continue to invest money in well-designed advertising campaigns only to waste their efforts directing traffic to ​inefficient landing pages ​. The average conversion rates are between 2 and 5 though some landing pages can reach up to 10. These are the percentages to which we must aspire The goal of a landing page is to get a visitor to perform the action we want usually incorporated in the call to action CTA. From the title of the page to your CTA there are many steps where potential customers can get lost. In general landing pages with high conversion levels seem simple however there are a lot of details and considerations we should look at.

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We have created a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of building a landing page with high conversion levels. The ultimate guide to ensure the success of your landing page : Title: Generates Curiosity The title of your page should catch the attention of your potential customers. Ideally you should follow up on the offer highlighted in your ad and match the promise of your message. High bounce rates are often the result of titles that seem irrelevant to the ad that the user has clicked on. Make a value proposal. Describe the benefits that will most likely attract the attention of your potential customers. ​Read More

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