SNS Nail Dip Powder

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SNS Nails helps to create and maintain healthy nails.We strives to provide quality nail products at low price! ✓ No dense ✓ No liquid ✓ No primer ✓ No ultraviolet.


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SNS Natural Set Sheer $ 25.00 The perfect finish for the perfect nail. Designed to overlay the French Manicure or Gelous Color to bring out the shine and create a strong, healthy nail. Buy now

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SNS SNS Gel Top 0.5oz $ 9.00 Buy now This liquid gel is used to create a brilliant shine and to protect nails from the sun's harmful rays.

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SNS Sunscreen $25.00 Buy now Put some shades on your nails. This custom designed, high-tech UV protective powder prevents yellowing from the sun and heat.

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SNS Buy now Natural Fill $25.00 Designed to use for any SNS regular fill, refill or to repair nail damage from gel or acrylic nails to refresh the appearance of the nail.

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SNS American White $25.00 Buy now Born in the USA, this patriotic blend is just like the nation itself: strong, healthy, enduring. Add a French twist to create the perfect smile for your all-American girl nails.

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SNS X-Dark Pink $25.00 Buy now Give your nails the X factor. Think of it as an extra shot in your French Manicure dip for a bold, beautiful kick of dark pink.

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