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Asian Culture & Heritage :

Asian Culture & Heritage By: Madison Boyd

Asian American Population:

Asian American Population “According to the 2010 Census, the Asian population grew faster than any race group between 2000 and 2010.” The most recent population data from 2011 suggests that there are 18,205,898 Asians living in the U.S. which accounts for 5.1% of the population. More specifically, Georgia is home to approzimately 314,467 Asian Americans.

Family Values :

Family Values In a traditional Asian family, males and older family members have a higher status. Males are extremely values because they are able to carry on the family name and continue the lineage. Children learn early on that family is of the utmost importance. Parents believe the children’s behavior is a direct reflection on the entire family. This culture puts a high emphasis on academic success and limits the time at home spent playing and watching television.


Discipline Shame and guilt is used to control and train children. Parents encourage loyalty and honor to the family by enforcing high expectations of their children’s behavior.


Religion According to a 2012 survey the religion of Asian Americans is reflected in these percentages: 42% Christian 26% Unaffiliated 14% Buddhist 10% Hindu 4% Muslim 1% Sikhs 2% other religions

Test Scores :

Test Scores Asian American parents put great emphasis on the importance of high test scores. Beginning in Kindergarten, parents expect their children to have high marks and believe this determines the path their children will take in school.

Classroom Order :

Classroom Order Asian students stereotypically classified as being neat and orderly. They stress the importance of appearance and take pride in their note-taking and keeping their belongings neat. These students may have trouble tolerating unorganized classmates.

Perceptions of Asian Children in the Classroom:

Perceptions of Asian Children in the Classroom Asian students are expected to be intelligent, hardworking, and disciplined. They are believed to be educationally, economically, and socially successful. They are expected to be accelerated readers and highly proficient in mathematics.

The Reality :

The Reality Not all members share the academic success they are perceived to have. Some Asian American students lack motivation, learning problems, and limited English proficiency .

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