How Cold Rolled Steel And Hot Rolled Steel Are Different ??

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Steel plays and vital role in our life, and we are surround of tons of steel. Here we have discussed the differences between Cold rolled and Hot rolled steel. To read visit


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Key Differences Between: Cold Rolled Steel and Hot Rolled Steel The material steel holds a significant importance in everyone’s life when observed closely it is known that we are quite well surrounded by steel all the time. Starting from cars building home. It even used in electricity transmission. However there many types of steel in the market each depending on its specification and grade. The distinction of steel can also be done on the basis of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing transmission gives birth to ​hot rolled steel plate and ​cold rolled steel plate. Although they might sound similar and seem to be having thin line difference their beholds some vast differences which affects the usability of each type of steel. The process of cold rolled steel can be carried out only after the process of hot rolled steel. Hot Rolled Steel The process making the steel is quite easy and so the products made from this steel are also easy to work with. For this process a large sheet of metal is sent for heating and

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pre-processing after being flattened the metal is heated at a temperature of 1700 F and undergoes machines where it takes various shapes like bars plates or rolled steel. After being cooled down it is hard to change the dimension of the steel and so hot rolled steel is used in places where minute dimensions are not important. Thus making it available for using in railroad tracks bridge construction infrastructure machine manufacturing etc. Cold Rolled Steel Basically cold rolled steel in the continued version of hot rolled steel where it undergoes further processing. After the hot steel cools down then it it rolled again at the room temperature. This process gives more detailed dimension to the steel making it more stronger and harder than the hot rolled steel. In literal sense the cold rolled sheet is actually the rolled form of the sheet and coiled products however all the products made after further processing of hot rolled steel are given the name of ‘cold roll’. ● Hot rolled steel is cost effective and easy to process although they are very hard in the machine. ● While the ​cold rolled steel plate manufacturers in India ​state that this type of steel is quite expensive due the additional cost incurred in deriving it. ● The hot rolled steel can be identified by the rough edges and corners ● On the other hand cold steel has better finishing and smooth surface and they often have an oily touch. ● Where the cold steel is resistant to tension breaking this feature builds stress inside the metal which can cause the steel to bend under unpredictable conditions ● In case of hot rolled steel the metal is free from any stress inside thus no kind of pressure can be created by quenching or high-built pressure. Madhuvan Iron is one of the leading ​hot rolled steel plate manufacturers in India providing rich quality metal sheets and rolls used. Both the hot and cold rolled sheets

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are efficiently made available Infrastructure as well as Automobile sector depending on their characteristic. To Contact Us Email: Phone: +9107926467155 Address: 4th floor Pariseema Annexe Opp. Swaghat Building C.g. Road Ahmedabad- 380009 Website: ​

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