Top major elements to influence the packing and moving

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  Top Major Elements influencing your packing and moving bills :

  Top Major Elements influencing your packing and moving bills By BixMove packers and movers


  Are you worried about your relocation charges? Do you want to know the reason as to why your shifting charges are so expensive? Read further if you want to know the factors creating your high moving bills. There are some of the aspects mentioned on this platform which are responsible for your movement cost.

Distance: :

Distance : This is an important factor involved in your movement charges. The distance between your old location to a new place is calculated and the distance cost will be added by your packers and movers company.


Housewares : If you shift your houses often or the nature of the job is to get transfer frequently then restrict your household item because they are a key factor and are highly responsible for moving charges. If you have fewer items, you will be charged less. So it is always better to have fewer household items.


Packing : This is one essential step in your relocation process. Your packers and movers company will suggest a different type of packing for you. While ensuring the safety of your materials, you have to decide as to what kind of packing you need as they will also vary in price. Depending upon your item, you can choose a different kind of packing but cost too will differ.


 Added assistance : This section can include different services like – Ac installation and uninstallation Television mount Geyser insurance storage charges/ interest physical activity Shifting timings tips


There are terms and conditions applied to these additional services. Charges vary as in physical activity if there is no lift available then the manpower will increase and thereby increasing the physical activity of the labourers if your new location is situated on the top floors. For the shifting time if you want the movement to happen in the peak hours then the extra charges will be available. There is another condition if you want the shifting to happen at midnight then to the charges will vary. Tips are purely dependent on your satisfaction. If you are happy with the service given by your packers and movers, then you can give tips to them

Storage: :

Storage : Warehouse and storage charges will always depend upon the amount of quantity and volume and the number of days your items will be stored by the moving company.


Physical work :  Charges for this factor will depend upon how much manpower you need to relocate your location and numbers of things you need to shift and for how many hours need the laborer’s to work. This factor will also consider if you have an escalator or not in case you are the top floors of the building. If you have a lift, then the quantity that can be shifted in that at a time will be taken into account. So it is basically charged on the amount of hard work that the labour has to put in shifting . Insurance : This cost will be completely dependent on the worth of the items. If you have more expensive materials, then the cost of your insurance will be high. Vehicle type :   If you are availing bike or car shifting services then charges of this service will be dependent on certain aspects like the cost of the vehicle, size and the kind of the truck that you need to shift your vehicle. Manpower :       These charges will be added depending upon the number of people required to shift your items.  


  Taxes : These are common charges but relax because few services which are not registered do not cause taxes so you can have a relief from this factor only if the service falls under no tax category. If you want the packing and moving services to be cost-effective, budget-friendly and stress-free then choose the best packers and movers Medavakkam Chennai. Select to experience magnificent services.

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