How Data Loggers Are Used in the Meat Industry

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Data loggers can be used in the meat industry to help keep rigid standards for quality and health considerations. By monitoring active processes in the cooking, storing, and shipping phases, company owners can arrest problems before they happen.


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How Data Loggers Are Used in the Meat Industry

What is a Data Logger?:

What is a Data Logger? Data loggers are used in many industries to help assure the quality and safety of goods being processed, stored or transported. By monitoring such things as temperature, humidity, pressure and other environmental variables, data loggers can alert users when things are not as they should be. With sophisticated data logger software , notifications can be configured, reports generated, and information can be analyzed and shared to track consistency and identify problems.

Smoke Houses:

Smoke Houses Smokehouse processes can take many hours and the environment is very harsh and smoky . Manually spot checking an environment such as this can be inadequate and dangerous to the individual. Data loggers designed to withstand this environment and transmit the data conveniently to a computer are the ideal solution.


Ovens Well designed, durable, high temperature data loggers can monitor the cooking processes inside even the hottest of ovens. Transmitting temperature data directly to the software enables users to maintain optimal cooking temperatures. Madgetech builds data loggers that can withstand up to a blazing 284°F or even higher using a thermocouple probe.

Freezers & Cooling:

Freezers & Cooling Keeping meat at the right temperature before and after it is cooked is equally important for public health as well. Handling temperatures as low as -4°F, data loggers assist in keeping foods solid, safe, fresh and shippable.

Shipping Environments:

Shipping Environments Shipping meat to and from stores and processing can potentially cause damage or loss. Wireless data loggers can go with the meat along for the ride and download data to the computer right from the dock. Knowing the status of your goods throughout transit is invaluable and necessary.

Two-Way Wireless Communication:

Two-Way Wireless Communication MadgeTech offers many wireless data logger models that can communicate in both directions with the computer. This means that one PC can be used to manage and monitor a network of many data loggers.

Real Time Monitoring:

Real Time Monitoring MadgeTech Data Logger Software is capable of recording and displaying in real time, meaning that you can see the data as it occurs. With configurable alarms, you or your staff can be notified if a problem arises, either by email, text, on screen or audible alert. Mistakes can cost a company thousands of dollars. Real time monitoring means catching them before they happen.

Critical Control:

Critical Control Critical Controls, also known as “Coding Flags” or “Cooling Flags” are another key tool for catching potential problems. By setting “flag” points a business can catch potentially harmful environmental trends. Each control point can be set-up differently for as strict of monitoring as needed for the process.

Easy to Use Software:

Easy to Use Software The data logging system is only as good as the software it talks to. MadgeTech Data Logging Software is a powerful and flexible set of tools. The user-interface has been designed with the customer in mind and is an intuitive experience for even novice computer users. With very little training, employees can quickly be able to configure, operate and monitor each system.

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