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Made In China : 

Made In China How to be an Effective Business Communicator in China

The Country of China : 

The Country of China

Background : 

Background The world’s oldest civilization belongs to the Chinese China is divided up into 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and 3 municipalities

Government : 

Government In 1949, Moa Tse-tung’s Communist forces took control of China and established what is still recognized today as the Chinese communist government. There has been an increasing popular demand for democratic reform. Single legislative house: National People’s Congress.

Language : 

Language The official language of China is standard Chinese. There are 55 officially recognized minorities in China, and each minority speaks its own dialect or language. Many business people in China speak English.

Economy : 

Economy Second largest economy behind the United States Fastest growing major economy The world’s second largest exporter behind the European Union.

Demographics : 

Demographics China is the most populous country in the world. There is a rigorous birth control method in China that limits couples to only one child

Culture : 


Cognitive Styles/Value Systems : 

Cognitive Styles/Value Systems Usually process information from subjective perspective Faith in communist party is the dominant source of truth in all negotiations Free enterprise is viewed as bringing inequality and uncertainty Blame is put on the individual, not the system Chinese are very sensitive to status and titles Social and economic inequalities still exist for Women

Religion : 

Religion Government promotes Atheism Buddhism Islam Christianity

Religion cont. : 

Religion cont. Taoism (Confucianism) Ethical and moral system that governs all relationships Basic unit of society is family Every action an individual does is a reflection of their family

Formality/Etiquette Tips : 

Formality/Etiquette Tips Placing chop sticks parallel on top of your bowl is considered bad luck Show interest in their culture Women should not drink alcohol Slightly bow when greeting a person Wait for Chinese to extend their hand first for a handshake Use an open hand rather than a finger to point Stay modest

Clothing : 

Clothing For business, men should wear conservative suits, shirts, and ties Women should wear conservative suites, high necked blouses, and low heels Keep colors as neutral as possible

Business : 


Timing Your Trips : 

Timing Your Trips Best times to schedule trips are April to June and September to October Do not plan a business trip during the Chinese New Year.

Appointments : 

Appointments Business and government hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, Mon- Sat. It is very important to be punctual to appointments. Between noon and 2:00pm, everyone stops what they are doing and takes a break.

Business Meetings : 

Business Meetings When entering a business meeting, your group’s high ranking officials should lead the way Show little emotion Don’t mention your deadlines. When the meeting is over, thank the Chinese for their hospitality and the opportunity to meet with them. It is best to leave the room before the Chinese.

Business Entertaining : 

Business Entertaining When attending a business lunch or banquets it is best to be punctual. Expect a banquet to last about 2 hours You should spend equal amount of money on your Chinese guests than they have spent on you.

Business Entertaining cont. : 

Business Entertaining cont. Business is generally not discussed during a meal. Enlighten the conversation by speaking about the Chinese sights, art, calligraphy, and family. Drinking officially begins after the host offers a short toast to the group

Chinese Business Terms : 

Chinese Business Terms There are two major terms to understand while doing business in China: Guanxi and Mianzi.  Guanxi is your social capital, or reputation.  Buildyour Guanxi by going out to eat, drink, and karaoke.

Chinese Business Terms cont. : 

Chinese Business Terms cont. Mianzi deals with prestige and your attitude. Outbursts or displays of rage are the quickest way to sour negotiations with the Chinese. Speaking highly about your Chinese business partners makes them look good and builds them Mianzi with their partners

Negotiation : 

Negotiation Negotiations move slower in China than they do in America.  Avoid using slang terms; use short, simple sentences and pause to ensure mutual understanding. Chinese greatly cherish trust and it is unwise to present a Non Disclosure Agreement because this creates a sense of distrust.

Gifts : 

Gifts When giving and receiving gifts there are a few rules to follow. Colors have significant meaning in China.

Works Cited : 

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Credits : 

Credits Danielle Manke Matthew Navidbakhsh Rose Orosco Thomas Stollar

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